photos (how building went):


Used a Macbook Pro over the last years and was quite happy with it. Started to do social network visualizations last year and needed something stronger. Thought about a Mac Pro but my bank account argued against it.

Primary use: Browsing, writing (work and university), data visualization

Secondary use: Gaming (Minecraft, Kerbal Space Programm, Space Engineers, Civilization)

Requirement: Windows 8, Hackintosh and *nix compatible

Budget: 1500€ (failed because of mechanical keyboard)

This was my first completely custom build computer and am so happy I did it. /r/buildapc was a great help and I lurked there for several months until I started buying parts. I used pcpartpicker to plan the build and to find the best prices. Ended up buying from Mindfactory, innova24 (took too long), Amazon, getdigital and ebay (bigclothcraft).


For a moment I thought about a 4770k but it would have been 30% more expensive while I would feel the difference only in specific situations. Decided to go with the cheaper 4670k. In retrospect a LGA 2011 CPU would have been a good alternative.

CPU Cooler

When I found out that Noctua is an Austrian company and their coolers are bulky and not very aesthetic I had to have one. Even though it is probably three times the price for a slight performance improvement. I still love this thing.


Hackintoshs work smoothly with Gigabyte boards. The UD3H is in the price midrange with some features of the premium boards. Dual BIOS, numeric status display and even measurement points if I ever want to go deeper. This article sold me

Video card

Today I would probably get a GTX 770. But I bought and build before the prices changed and am not that much of a gamer to worry about it. Nvidia because of Hackintosh. GTX 760 seemed to have a big enough performance improvement over the integrated graphic solution and with lower settings I should be able to play more demanding games.


Maybe spend 20-30€ too much because I wanted to have nicer timings, look good and are low enough to fit below the Noctua. RAM in general is way too expensive right now. And I already hit the 16GB limit with one visualization. Because of that I am thinking about getting another 16GB but the price kept me from it.


The Samsung has a nice performance and a good price. The Seagate had a nice price too and is primary planned als a data landfill.

Wireless Card

Wasn't sure where I will set up my battle (work!) station. Right now the wireless is enough, maybe I will drill some holes in the future connect it with a wire.

Power Supply

Didn't like the design, but it is hidden in the back of the case. Price was nice, gold rating too. Seasonic seems to be the best choice. I went with a bigger one to be able to upgrade the GPU or add a second one if I get one cheap. It is quite quiet as long as I don't put my ear directly beside it.


Got it with the graphic card. It's nice but I miss the logitech scroll wheel.



Maybe the best thing of the whole build. I knew I want it when I first read about it. It's big. It has this beautiful window and is optimized for airflow. The three fans that came with it are bit load. And it bugs me that it has no filter for the PSU. Everything else is amazing.


The actually best thing. Without reddit I would never had the idea to import a monitor from Korea. The stand is crappy and it has some light bleeding at the bottom. But I only see it if the monitor is evenly dark. And there are no dead pixels. The size is great and the resolution great for everything I do. One day I will get a second one. Maybe. The speakers are crappy too, but I didn't even know it had speakers.

Plans for the future

  • Maybe decouple the HDD because I don't like the noise it makes.

  • Some lights? I love the power button of the motherboard and the LCD display. But some white CCFL may make it look even better.

  • Quiet case fans. The are the noisiest part right now.

  • Playing around with overclocking.

3D Mark 11 score:

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  • 76 months ago
  • 3 points

It takes a lot of guts to let a baby build your pc for you. lol but in all seriousness Great build and I love your case

  • 76 months ago
  • 2 points

is this a hackintosh? +1 4 build and windows 8

  • 65 months ago
  • 1 point

Yes. Runs Windows 8.1, OSX Mavericks and Ubunut 14.04.

  • 65 months ago
  • 1 point

why 3

  • 76 months ago
  • 2 points

Someone should call their air 540 build a GameCube

  • 74 months ago
  • 1 point

i will soon. :)

  • 76 months ago
  • 2 points

PC builders are getting younger and younger! ;)

  • 76 months ago
  • 1 point


Very nice build, great components, great discription and most of all that cooler is beast! Enjoy your build.


  • 76 months ago
  • 1 point


[comment deleted]