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My C700M Gaming RGB Build

by Mr_Creeper_98



Date Published

March 14, 2019

CPU Clock Rate

3.6 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.247 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

945 MHz


This is my 2nd PC build ever, last one I built was when the i7-4790k had just came out.. I had a budget of $1,500, but I went over a little bit. I was trying to go with a AMD ryzen threadripper build, but I ended up with Intel again... The case I bought was the new Coolermaster C700M not the C700P, but it was not available on the parts catalog. I'm just need a better Video Card.. Waiting on the 2080 to go on sale. I already have a LG 34" monitor which I'll be using for some gaming...

Thanks for looking at my build....

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havertysfurniture 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

hey man, ur running ur 3000 memory at 2133, but otherwise, build looks fantastic. great colors, neat cable management!

Mr_Creeper_98 submitter 1 Build 0 points 1 month ago

yeah, I see that, haven't finished with all the set up yet.. waiting on my computer desk, speakers and chair...

RoyalSovereign 1 point 1 month ago

Ouuuuu snap. What a build !!!