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Completed Dell Optiplex 380

by tymmc


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Date Published

May 10, 2015

CPU Clock Rate

2.6 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

902 MHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

1.6 GHz


I built this pc off of the dell optiplex 380

Part Reviews


Great CPU but whenever I play minecraft the CPU usage ALWAYS goes up to 100%


Great usage for my games and gives me great speed


Perfect amount of storage for my OS and programs

Video Card

Great usage for low-end games!

Power Supply

Gives a perfect amount of wattage!

Optical Drive

Lets me install drivers!

Operating System

Best OS Ever!


Useful for multitasking


Useful for multitasking


Useful but worn out now

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ankousmachine 2 Builds 3 points 48 months ago

well i must admit ya did restore it but what did ya expect on that minecraft lol, ye running 2.6 ghz dual.

1+ for a dell

tymmc submitter 1 Build 2 points 46 months ago

And this computer was like the best one in my house ATM

tymmc submitter 1 Build 1 point 46 months ago

exactly and some other games such as GRID 2, HL2, Gmod, running servers while playing other games, and thats pretty much it, also recording youtube videos.

DOUGHBOY1908 3 points 47 months ago

Hey I have that same Dell, but what I did with mine is I slapped an nvidia 6800 in it. I love the look of you're PC better though, because mine only has 2 GB of RAM and is horrid at video games.

vreynold 6 Builds 3 points 46 months ago

How do you like the 730? I was planning on using the 4GB version for a budget build for my friend.

tymmc submitter 1 Build 2 points 46 months ago

Its great for low end gaming and i like it very much and is great for its price!

tymmc submitter 1 Build 2 points 46 months ago

Its also EXTREMELEY Quiet if you get the Zotac ZONE edition card

paulus2k 2 points 48 months ago

Wow! Nice to see someone put new life into an old pc! Good job man!

GangstaGoat 2 points 34 months ago

i agree with the whole win 7 best os ever

Executablefiles 1 Build 1 point 17 days ago

But can it run minesweeper

DrSebWilkes -1 points 38 months ago

I'm honestly surprised how you can find the graphics card of any good value. Infact, I'd say they have terrible value. The GTX 650 can't be .. what .. $50 more, but is something like 5x the performance.

I mean ... if you're happy, who am I to burst your bubble?