So I've upgraded my Video Card to a EVGA GTX 1070 3.0 SC! I am running 3840 x 2160 4k! Looove it!

Also, I am setup now with Oculus Rift! Watching Youtube does not do it justice! Get one or make friends with someone who has one it'll change your life! (Not really) but its pretty cool!

Almost 4 years later and I absolutely love my first build still!


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I'm intrigued by the Cooling Kit. how is it?

I just built my first rig, will make a post soon. I used some similar parts - NZXT Phantom case (Mid), same SSD, Asus GPU, ASUS ROG mobo (AMD), Corsair Vengeance RAM.

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ooh slow down!U spent a looot of money on the motherboard, why ?

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Add a description to defend some of these choices. Add more pictures. Punch in some numbers to the cpu/gpu clock speed / temp ratings. I really doubt you are running at stock speeds with that cooler lol

Almost $400 on a mb and a GTX 660? You could have gotten a brand new 7950 boost off ebay for close to the same price.

I also hope you have some additional storage as 120gb is nothing these days. If money was an issue here, SSD was not for you. If you research Seagate Hybrid drives, they perform at near SSD speed with less than half the cost. I got a 1TB hybrid for $75 off amazon, and it is amazing bang for the buck.

You also could have saved money or at least got a better PSU. The NZXT are known for burning out quickly. EVGA / Seasonic / Coolermaster might have been a better choice.

I would probably get some custom individually sleeved cables for the PSU as well. You could even get extensions from bitfenix/silverstone, which is a cheaper route. A set of white sleeved cables would be sexy in that case.

All that being said.... I made way more mistakes on my first ever build, so keep on keepin on. You will do better every time you build a new one.

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Ill update soon with more details!!! And some new pics! Kapish? (cah-peesh)? =)

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