Sorry about the crappy photos, but I'm lucky to have anything to take the photos with. For a first build, I'm really happy about this! It runs minecraft SO WELL!! And by the way I bought the graphics card for $140 a couple years ago and put it in my old PC, and I reused the SSD from my old PC too. In case you're wondering, my old PC was a Dell Studio XPS 8100 that my uncle gave me. I upgraded the graphics card so I could play minecraft, and I added the SSD because the HDD in it died. I built this PC on Christmas, even though I bought all the parts on Cyber Monday. I bought it on Cyber Monday for the cheap prices but since my mom payed for half of it she said I should build it on Christmas as a present. Over all, I'm happy with it, and I hope to upgrade it soon!

Part Reviews


works great with my build! I mean what should I expect anyway, it's Ryzen, it should be good. Bought last-gen hardware because I didn't have much money.


Great starter motherboard for the price, it works well with my first build.


It's RAM, it's fast. That's all I expected from this, and that's what I got.


Pretty cheap SSD, works well, but maybe next time I should buy one with a DRAM cache.

Video Card

I bought this graphics card for $140 a couple years ago. Clearly these aren't being manufactured anymore, because the price nearly doubled! anyway, works SO WELL with my build, if the price was still at $140, I would recommend this card.


This is a great case! I mean, other than me breaking the front panel USB 3.0 cable, it works pretty well with my build!

Power Supply

I didn't expect to get an 80+ Gold PSU for my first build, but I bought it with a Cyber Monday deal for pretty cheap. It works very well in my build, and I'm pretty happy with it.

Wireless Network Adapter

Either I did something wrong in installation, or this Wireless card doesn't support 5GHz Wi-Fi connections. But what should I expect, I mean, it's pretty cheap. Other than that, it's pretty good!

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