Hi all!

My initial Hellhound config ( went through many changes over the past few months. New cpu, ram, ssd, hdd, case and OS plus a few lights and new fans.

I gave up on the Corsair 380T because it was gathering a lot of dust through all its mesh and i caught the Evolv ITX at about 60% of its usual retail price. However i will miss the 380T for its handle and the integrated fan controller. Most ITX motherboards only have 2 fan headers and mine are taken by the H75 pump and fans - each need their own header; so in this regard, the Evolv ITX doesn't help me power more fans but i made it work with molex in the end. Maybe i'll buy a separate Phanteks fan hub who knows....

The most important upgrade has been the i7 from the i5. Has really helped my work and rendering times.

The GPU will stay the same for the time being since i don't really game much on this machine and with pascal around the corner, i'll wait to put in the gtx970 from my main build ( when i upgrade.

After using the 850 Evo in my main build i decided to get one for its smaller ITX brother and put Windows 10 on it. The OS is great despite my initial concerns after going through forums.

Hope you like this little monster :)

Edit: Switched the h75 cooler for the h100i v2.

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  • 50 months ago
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Looks good! I like the colors. Is there any plan to upgrade the graphics card in the future? Maybe when Polaris/Pascal releases? Or is this a strictly render system?

  • 50 months ago
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Thanks! This is mainly a work PC. My architecture software is cpu intensive. The gpu is only moderately used when turning models but rendring is done by the cpu alone therefore i switched to an i7. I could even get by with the integrated graphics alone. However as i mentioned in the description, i will be waiting for pascal for my main build and maybe then i'll put in the 970 i have there.

  • 50 months ago
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Okay, I was just making sure. Thanks for the reply!