Built this in February, 2014.

I run this machine as a headless box (no screen or keyboard) and serve files and media to my other devices (HTPC, workstations) in my house. It seems to easily keep up with 1080p streaming to my HTPC front end. Haven't really stress tested the streaming beyond a single 1080p stream or two 720p streams at once.

Originally bought an ASRock B85M-ITX motherboard, however it was unable to boot the RAID card, so I replaced it with this motherboard, which was originally for my gaming rig. I bought another for the gaming rig later.

I was a bit worried for a while, but the Adaptec techs were happy to help me troubleshoot the problems and discover what was going wrong. The ASRock B85M-ITX was later used in a friend's new build.

Once it was booting okay, it was all fairly simple to configure. I installed Ubuntu server without issue on the SSD, connected directly to the motherboard. The other HDD's are all connected to the RAID card in a mirrored, striped array (RAID10).

This machine is incredibly stable, with months of uptime (I only reboot to check stability after updating the software).

I think some of the parts are overkill for now, but I am hoping this machine doesn't need replacement for many, many years. The Motherboard issues I had encountered earlier basically scared me into picking a more-featured chipset to be sure that resources were available to boot the RAID card.

Hope the photos don't hurt the site/your downloads too much. I took them on the phone in bad lighting. The most time-consuming thing was to work out how to manage the cables. I connected everything and worked out lengths, then zip-tied the runs and spare loops of cable.

Imgur Gallery here:

I needed an extra Molex-to-SATA adapter too.

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  • 65 months ago
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nice build! i did something similar but it's connected to my tv. i have a g3420 cpu and it handles well 3 720p streams at once. 1 question.. i see you have a pretty simple power supply.. how did you manage do power 5 drives? mine cx430 has only 4 sata power connectors..

  • 65 months ago
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Hi! thanks :)

You're right, and I didn't realize until I unpacked the PSU. Sorry about the photo quality which makes this less obvious: I bought a Molex-to-2xSata adapter, which is attached to the crossbeam above the hard drive plugs. part: where it's attached:

They cost a dollar or three.