I've been looking into building a pc for a while now and with the holidays coming up I figured now would be a great time to start. I'll be using this as a multi-purpose machine, home use, school use and of course gaming. The core areas i wanted to hit are, performance, affordable and the biggest one upgradability.

CPU- When looking at cpu's I immediately went the the i5 4690k while it shares a clock speed with the 6660k at a lower cost, the skylake model and the ability to run ddr4 ram made the difference. While not now in a few years ddr4 will be better than ddr3 so starting now with ddr4 saves money in the long run. i was also able to overclock to 4.2 ghz with ease.

CPU Cooler- cooler master hyper 212 evo this was one of the more clearer picks in this build, it's good price and review score got its place in the build.

Motherboard- when picking out a motherboard I was able to limit it down to this one and the ASUS Z170-A ATX but decided to pick this one due to price. This motherboard was very easy to use for a first time builder and I would recommend it

Memory- Corsair has always been very well received and shouldn't be a exception here I settled at the 2400 MHz as it seemed the most price effective and supported is by my mother board

Storage SSD- this is primarily be my boot drive for windows so didn't need to be very big I went for the 120 gb because as I could get lower in storage the price difference was minimal.

HDD- This is be my main storage and didn't see the need to go any higher than 1tb and instantly went towards the western digital because of their reputation.

GPU- I picked this as I felt 970 were the perfect place for this build not to overkill like a 980ti and not just barely hitting the mark with a 960. The other GPU I considered was the gigabyte g1 gaming version but picked the EVGA for the lower price.

Case- Ever since I saw this case i've wanted it, such a beautiful design and not much negative comments about it while something like a r4 or h440 are possibly better cases the phantom will still have great room to work with, cable management, airflow and design. The 3 fans pre-installed in side the case are incredibly quiet and work very well.

PSU- The power supply is something i didnt want to cheap out on and seasonic is a very good respectful company. The 650 watts are too much while still have some room for upgrades.

benchmarks cinebench before overclock: 125 fps on open gl and a 595 cpu score

cinebench after overclock: 142 fps on open gl and a 686 cpu score

valley on extreme HD: average fps: 60 min: 32 max: 109 score: 2526

Firestrike: main score: 10187 graphics score: 12415 physics score: 9393 combined score:4591


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Personally would of gone for EVGA 750 G2 PSU for that price probably could of even got a 850 one for more headroom for the price of that SeaSonic 650.

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1) That HDD is a reason not to go with WD, HGST is much better and costs less. 2) Why the GTX 970? It is overpriced for the performance. 3) 212 EVO is good, but I highly recommend the Cryorig H7. It is newer, looks nicer, quieter, and gives up to 20% temps

Besides those three, I like what I see, so good job for that!

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They do have better reliability than WD and cost less

The 970 costs more than a 390 which at 4K is equivalent to a 980 which costs much more. At 1080p the 390 still is between a 970 and a 980. It will also have more relevance longer because of having 8GB of VRAM, which will eventually become mandatory, as now many games are requiring 2 or 3GB of VRAM for games. The 970 would make sense to cost round $275 and that would be much more reasonable, being very ideal for the performance. If he wants certain NVIDIA programs, okay that makes sense, like PhysX which I fool around with on my friend's Titan X SLI rig, and it is awesome.

Yeah, I have heard of supply issues, but for $10 more, it is definitely worth it.

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Whoops my bad! HGST isn't Hitachi

I was under the influence that it was, I guess not. But Hitachi is still the best drive manufacturer out there.

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Yeah, I missed that one, FAIL