I finished my first computer build a while back and have been meaning to post it but haven't gotten around to it until today.

From the start i knew that i wanted everything in my case to be color coordinated so that was always taken into consideration before purchasing anything. (I even got crazy and replaced the red power LED with a blue one). The build took about two hours to complete. I didn't really run into any problems it was surprisingly easier to assemble than i thought it would be. The hardest task hands down was cable management but i think it came out pretty good. After it was all said and done it runs great plays game with no problems, i can max the graphic in most games and still have stable frame rates, its fantastic. Definatly one of the best investments i have made in a while.

In the not so distant future i am planing on changing cases and motherboards so i can downsize for college.

Thanks for reading! Post any questions or comments below!

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  • 64 months ago
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this is a nice build i can't believe someone downvoted it

  • 57 months ago
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Nice job!