I'm still not quite done with this project but it at least looks decent enough to post now.

I ran into several snags along the way which you will notice in the first few pictures I did not mount the processor and fan till after I had pictures with the ram in it. The reason behind this was the fan was shipped from another company and showed up a day late from all the other parts. I ended up having to take the ram out to mount the processor which is no surprise. After getting it all together it would not POST, kept rebooting and not making it very far so I ended up taking it all apart and testing the bare bones of the machine to try and figure out the issue. I was down to the board, ram and processor on my desk and it would still not POST so I ended up calling up Gigabyte to see if there was an issue with using 16 GB sticks which was what I was thinking the issue might be because several sites showed the max for this board as 64 GB and others including Gigabytes site showed 128 GB as max which should mean 16 GB x 8 slots. I called them up and they immediately knew the issue and it was indeed the ram. It turns out there was a BIOS update in January of this year to let the board use 16 GB modules. Normally this would not be an issue, I would just pop over to my local Micro Center and pick up a cheap 4 GB stick since all my other pc's still used DDR3 I would need a new stick. Mother nature decided to drop a foot of snow on the Denver metroplex so Micro Center was shut down. Eventually I was able to get a 4 GB stick for $23 and it solved the issue. Updating the BIOS was very painless and so far it has run great since.

I posted a few pictures of the semi final build to show the color changes. I went with 2 white fan lights at the top and then put in a color changing LED bar x2 to rotate colors inside and it turned out so well I want to get a new desk so I can have the PC on the desk instead of underneath like I normally do.

I am still waiting on my keyboard which should be here soon and I just ordered new cabling so I can get rid of the stock ones. I went with V1Tech's custom extensions and I patterned them in white and black which should look sharp with the color changing lights.

I am not done yet so I will try to update with more pictures as I go.

I have my keyboard and the custom cable extensions now. Adding dampeners on the keyboard was a great idea. It feels great as most mechanical keyboards do but lacks the noise most mechanical put out.

I have just posted some pictures after I added the cable extensions and they really change the appearance of the build. I am leaving up the pics before extensions for those who would like to see the difference.

My 5 Aerocool Shark fans just came in. I first put them in at 12v which gave great air flow but was super loud. I ended up using the extra cable included with the fan which reduces it to 7v and makes them super quiet.

I have 2 more strips of colored lights on the way as soon as Fry's gets them in stock. It was harder to find the extension strip then the whole kit but I did not want to waste the entire kit just for an extension strip of LED's.

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  • 47 months ago
  • 2 points

How well does the be quiet cooler do on that cpu? I'm thinking of getting the same one.

  • 47 months ago
  • 2 points

It does really well and its super quiet. The larger version will probably do a better job but then you have to get low profile ram.

  • 47 months ago
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35C Idle-44C Full load