As the name suggests, I created this build for my parents to use as a general office type pc. This was my first build (thought I'd try experiment on the parents before building my own gaming rig) and I have to admit that I struggled with the cable management. A combination of a HTPC case and non-modular power supply resulted in more exposed wires than I expected. Managed to hide the header connector wires under the motherboard but it wasn't so easy with the rest of the cables. Please feel free to give opinions and comment below.

Parts Breakdown

CPU - I wanted to give them an Intel build as it will use less power and give them a better upgrade path if and when their needs change. With respectable integrated graphics this solid little cpu seemed up to the task.

Motherboard - Cheap mATX mobo with sata III and usb 3.0 headers. I've seen a lot of negative press about ASRock mobos but this seems a very good budget board.

RAM - single 4GB stick of ram, allowing upgrade in future.

Storage - Solid little SSD used to boot windows 7 from. Boots in under 5 seconds!! 160GB HDD salvaged from parents previous desktop.

Case - This is a great looking case with front panel usb 3.0 and slim form factor. In hindsight I probably should have chosen something slightly larger to use for my first build as there really was not a lot of room to manouver once the psu was installed.

PSU - Tier 2 power supply for a great price. Being non modular made it hard work but managed to hide most of the cables under the optical drive bay.

Optical drive - My parents still use a lot of cds so adding this for a tenner was not an issue.

Monitors - Great LED monitor for a reasonable price


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Looks great. Great job.

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Nope, I had a win 7 license from an old laptop. However, because the laptop was originally upgraded from visa, I had to install vista and then upgrade to 7. Something I hadn't planned for so took a bit longer to find and download a vista ido

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