This PC was originally just going to be a few new parts for my Chimera 1A when I was still using that. but I couldn't help myself with just going all out. the only thing that is still from the original Chimera 1A is the 1TB HDD which still works perfectly.

This PC was originally going to have the GTX 1050ti which is currently used in the Chimera 1B, but my brother gave me his GTX 970 as he upgraded his own PC with a 1070ti. Before anyone asks "why do you have 2 disc drives? they are useless nowadays", I always had 1 installed just because I used to rip a lot of CDs onto my PC, and I have some old games such as Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition from 1999 on disc. The only reason I have a second disc drive is because there was a spare one lying around and I had an empty drive bay so i thought "eh, why not?" and slapped it in.

Eventually, I will upgrade this PC to Chimera 2B, which will have a better 240mm watercooler because my current one isn't the best for my overclocked CPU. I will also replace all the standard GameMax case fans with Corsair LL fans which do not use a 5-pin header that I haven't even seen before. And I will also add 2 more 8GB RAM sticks to fill up the empty slots, and add some more RGB using Corsair's Lighting Pro expansion kit. Basically, I'm giving it the full corsair package. And also an RTX 2070 super just so the PC not only looks nice, it runs nice as well. This will all go towards making it into a nice white build.

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