Hello Guys, my name is Zaydel (20 years old) and first of all i want to tell you a Story. (I'm from Mexico, don't blame me for my English pls)

Around 2-3 years ago i build a PC totally using Google, yeah... ahhhh.. Good Times. I'm making this basically cuz i found old pictures of Taco in an USB. aaand i someone was wondering.. i sell Taco to build Quesadilla. (Hope i can post it soon :P)

For the CPU i used an i5-4570 long time (Time later some friend tell me that is a waste to use a MOBO for OC and the H100i for a Non-OC CPU so i change.

The H100i and the Case were the first thing i buy and i went to a Store searching for the biggest Case i see and the colest thing i see, lol.

For the Motherboard i selected the Sniper Z97 for the capabilities for OC (In 2013-2014 I didn't know that meant)

SSD and HDD.. meh.

I buyed GTX 770 cuz i used to watch Youtube bench thinkin' woah, this is a beast!

And the most over-*******-exaggerated full-modular V850w

Yeah.. you can see some of my superultra habilities to root cables and the picture of the 59 fps is priceless xD That's it! Hope you liked this sad story of a teenager with money building this.

See you soon!

Part Reviews


Pros: Massive. Has many bays for HDDs. Support all (kind of) sizes of motherboards. Has support for big GPU's.

Cons: A little bit overpriced. Weight. The quality of the case is the average.


  • 42 months ago
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So you built it with Google which is a good start but with PCPartPicker your quesadilla will be even better

  • 41 months ago
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Already Build! I just waiting for my PSU to arrive, thanks for you comment ;D

  • 42 months ago
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Only thing i wish you did was build a skyline build for insane amounts of upgradability.

  • 41 months ago
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Kind of, and in the end i just upgraded to Skylake, lol