Absolutely no issues surprisingly, easy to build, easy to set up, this was my first build ever. Learned mostly from YouTube such as LinusTechTips and JayzTwoCents and many more.
 I use it for gaming, both single and multilayer also the Oculous Rift S VR headset, and some video and music editing. 
 I have not overclocked it as I'm new to all this and haven't learned enough about it in order to do so yet but I plan to eventuality. Here is how it runs not overclocked in anyway, just put together. 
 It runs triple A games in 2K on high quality or ultra graphics anywhere between 80 Hz 165 Hz and much higher on just 1080p and only about 15-125 Hz in 4k depending on game and settings.

I spent less than how much it says now because I waited for most of my parts to come on sale. I'm very pleased with it, and very proud of my first ever build to be so successful. It looks very nice and appealing as well. Thx for reading and Goodluck!

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