USE: Composing, digital audio editing, and light gaming. Would love to get a fancy graphics card to play BF4, but can't afford it yet.

EDIT: Due to recent comments, I need to explain why I got so much RAM. I a composer and sample library developer. The more RAM, the better. I use high quality and pricey digital instruments/sample libraries in my music, which take huge amounts of RAM and CPU to run. Also, AMD is cheap for its performance and I was saving every penny I could in this build (8 cores are beneficial in my case). I've been scraping by for a few years now with my 2008 4gb computer, but last week I could not even compose a simple piece of music (using modern sample libraries). That's when I knew I had to get a new computer. I got the big/fast SSD to help alleviate RAM usage (I need to store large sample libraries on this drive). See my music at

PS: This is the first computer I built from scratch (had help with my 2008 comp). And yes, the SSD is my system drive. I'd like to add on a 1TB SSD dedicated to sample libraries (they can't all fit on 500GB!).

WORKED: My high-powered air compressor blew out some mad dust from my cannibalized computer parts. The heavy-duty vacuum was not nearly as effective.

Corsair case fans are nice and quiet. The lights are beautiful.

PROBLEMS: No youtube tutorials or even the freaking manuals explained everything I needed to know.

1. You must set the screws on the EVO cooler bracket (not talking about back plate) to the appropriate position (mid position in my case) before you start screwing down the heat sink or you will be sorry.

2. Probably would have wanted to face the EVO fan toward the top of the case. Oh well. Also, EVO fan is audible. Not loud, and not annoying like my old comp, but it still sounds like a computer is turned on. I was hoping it'd be quieter.

3. Not enough motherboard screws. I had to use some of the harddrive screws. They fit nicely, thank goodness.

4. Two mysterious plugs on the Corsair 500r. The old-style power connecter goes to the PSU for the lights to work. The large side fan plugs into the one loose 500R fan plug.

5. Low-profile PCI cards do not fit standard case, but this one is supposed to come with the normal profile (so that you can change the metal bracket on the PCI device to fit a standard case). I didn't know what "low profile meant" and my Syba part from ebay did not come with the alternative bracket (it should!), gonna contact the seller about this. So I did my best with some tape to keep it stable (after unscrewing the bracket).

6. What do I do with this unused stock cooler?

AFTERTHOUGHTS: From the evo fan, I moved the brackets so I could place the fan on the opposite side of the heat sink from what is shown in my photos. To remove the brackets, rip off the rubber, then unscrew the screws. When re-screwing, watch for the brackets bending. Unscrew a bit to remove the bending. Replace the rubber, it should be sticky enough to hold position. The rubber is there to absorb vibration. Finally, the fan is now blowing out the back and in line with the back fan which came with the case.

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  • 76 months ago
  • 10 points

Are people downvoting because of the older video card? Not every computer is a beastly gaming computer, guys.

  • 76 months ago
  • 4 points

Damn people, you are harsh! He said he "can't afford it yet" concerning the video card.

He also stated he "cannibalized" some computer parts, so that explains some of the inconsistencies.

You get a +1 from me for being thrifty. Upgrade the video card when you can afford and you'll be good to go. :)

<3 Starlana <3

  • 76 months ago
  • 1 point

Well said.

What model GPU would you like to get?

Please don't let this build get too dusty inside.

  • 76 months ago
  • 1 point

Ok, I'll try not to let it get dusty. This case is a bit bigger, roomy, and see-through. So, the dust may bother my eyes. The GPU I'd like is something around $200-$250 that will play BF4 on decent settings. I think I will just wait until the price comes down on GPUs until I can get that price point... hopefully I won't have to wait more than 4 months.

  • 74 months ago
  • 1 point

How about a 7770 2Gb?

  • 76 months ago
  • 3 points

I'd recommend upgrading gpu in the near future.

  • 76 months ago
  • 2 points

Wow that is a lot of ram and Love that SSD

  • 47 months ago
  • 1 point

how many mobo screws did it take? I only have 8, lol.