This was my first build and I was on a budget. I actually went over my budget a little bit to get 16gb of RAM because I've recently started doing some video editing. Generally it's used for web browsing, photo editing and occasionally light gaming. This computer stays on 24/7 as it's also connected to my external drives and acts as a Plex server. From opening the first box to installing the OS took about 2 hours. YouTube was an invaluable resource!

Didn't have any issues with the build and it was a lot of fun to do. I've installed the OS (Win 8.1), Steam and the Adobe programs on the SSD and all the games and other files go on the HDD. Booting from an SSD is a completely different experience! If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it. I LOVE the Corsair Air 240 case. It's small enough to fit in my living room entertainment center and not really look like a computer and it was easy to build in. The separate compartments made cable management very easy for a first time builder and the Antec fans really are quiet, even when I'm playing CoD. When I build the next one, I'd like to try the Air 540 and go full ATX.

Eventually, I'll probably upgrade the graphics card to something better but it does good enough on the games I play.

UPDATE: I updated the graphics card from the MSI R7 250X to the EVGA GTX 750 TI (FTW Edition). Man, what a nice upgrade! Also added some pics with the extra RAM and Antec fans.

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