This was built over a year ago. I'm just posting this for archival purposes and to end my procrastination, I guess.

Greetings to anyone from the Beat Saber community who happens to be reading this. I decided to take the time to do a quick writeup on Hexagonial's current rig since he doesn't post his specs on his Twitch page.

This is a build that was completed last year in late August and was made possible by some people in LeBandit's Beat Saber community, who funded roughly $1,000 through this GoFundMe in three days somehow.

The original build proposed by Fraies to the GoFundMe was this part list which was priced at a little under $700 at the time, leaving $400 for the Oculus.

Since Hex and I are relatively close to a Micro Center, I consulted them for part upgrades. The upgrade from a Ryzen 5 1600 to a 2600 was a given, and an employee suggested I pick up a GTX 1070 Ti rather than a 1070 since I knew I wanted to get something better than a 1060 6GB. I also decided against getting micro ATX parts in favor of traditional ATX, since this is technically my first PC build. (I did all the work lol.)

I paid for everything beyond the funded $1,000 out of pocket, including replacement plans (which came in handy but don't ask me about it).

Other Questions (FAQ maybe?)

Why did you pay so much for the RAM?

RAM prices got pretty high during late 2018. Yeah it sucks.

Did Hex fulfill his obligations to the GoFundMe?

I think he did...

What's with the off-brand PSU?

You know what? Good question. I really can't answer that very well other than the fact that it's Micro Center's branding that they claim shares the same factories as EVGA. The cables it came with are pretty ugly I have to say, and hell if I know what CableMod kits are compatible with it.

Cable Management is a succ.

Oof. I thought it was clean enough after the partial rebuild, save for the bundle of cables that are twist-tied in the upper-left corner of the motherboard.

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