This is my first build. It was probably only about 3 weeks between the time I decided to try and convince my parents to let me to the time that I got my parts. This was so much fun. Choosing the parts with some help from friends (You know who you are) and then finally getting them. This thing is beautiful. I love it! Some possible upgrades I'll possibly do down the road are a better CPU cooler, more ram, another SSD (bigger), and maybe even another Video card. This is in a main room in my house so it needed to look good (refer to the last pic) and I think I was able to manage that. Next time, I think I'll need to work on my cable management better. I'll look into fixing that at a later date.

CPU: I wanted to get top performance. That's why I chose this. This CPU is awesome and totally recommended.

Motherboard: Originally had an MSI Gaming 5, but I decided to go with this soon after I made my upgraded part's list. Similar performance just decided to go with the Asus after some recommendations from some friends.

Video Card: Awesome. That's all I have to say. So many people say 'Oh they only truly have 3.5Gb of storage' but that didn't bother me. It's performance is amazing and stays cool. It's also awesome looking.

Case: I love this case. I fell in love with it the second I saw it. At first I chose out the s340 but due to complications with the place it was getting picked up, I wound up going with this. I couldn't be more happy with this case. Super easy to build using it and just looks awesome!

Monitor: Got for way cheap and it has awesome specs for the price.

Keyboard: Love it. I have this setup in the same room that my mom does her homework (online classes) so I needed it to be quiet. However I still wanted a mechanical keyboard. This one was super appealing because of the brown switches with the o-rings. Couldn't ask for more! It's awesome.

Wireless adapter: Wish I could get ethernet but you can't get everything in life. However, I'm very happy with this. The magnetized antenna's are super nice and simple too.

I will upload more pictures when I get home next week.

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Thank you very much!

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