I would change the motherboard out in the future. The ram slots were non standard, and it is not a standard ATX size, which makes it a little flimsy due to less useable standoff points.

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The stock cooler broke within a week, started to make loud clicking noises. The CPU itself has been stellar, but I expected better quality control on the cooler.

CPU Cooler

I purchased this for acoustics, not for overclocking. It is significantly quieter than the stock Intel CPU cooler in the Fractal R5/C cases.

Absolute pain in the rear side to set up.


RAM slots only have clips on one side, super annoying because it takes a lot of force to put them in! Motherboard is also not full ATX size, it's a little bit smaller horizontally which means it does not connect with all the ATX screw points in most cases, which makes it wobbly at the corners. Also has obnoxious yellow LED's that can be turned off. Gigabyte's site is a nightmare to navigate for software.

Functionality is very good though.


Noticeably faster than other SSD's I have owned. Price could be a bit better though, it's still no nvme drive.


Got it on black Friday for $135 CAD ($100 USD). This was the lowest cost SSD (in terms for $ per GiB) and it has good speeds as well, if you can get this on sale it is a great purchase.


This case is nearly perfect, but it's not the same quality I had come to expect from the define R5. As compared to the define R5 the power switch is made of cheaper plastic, the front panel is held on with plastic clips which makes it difficult to remove for cleaning, and the side panel does not have the quick release mechanism that the define R5 had.

I still give it 5 stars because it's almost the perfect case.


Great UPS. Included software for Windows is old, but functional. Also works very well with apcupsd on Ubuntu Server 16.04.

My only gripe is that the persistent power light is VERY bright, plan on buying a roll of electrical tape to cover it up!

Also worth noting that the load monitor on the UPS is not highly accurate (+/-10W at low loads), but it's good enough for a ballpark.


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I believe most motherboard RAM slots only have one movable clip. So Your Motherboards RAM slots are pretty normal. PS. Nice Name for the build!

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I didn't know that. My last two computers have both had two, maybe they were both abnormal? This is the first DIMM slot I've seen with one RAM clip.

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Nice build dude! Still confused as to why both ram sticks are listed as different prices though.

Anyways I got a question for you regarding the Define C: What makes the Define R5 a better case? I'm debating on replacing my Define R5 with a C because the R5 is too big for my desk and I think the airflow in the C will be better, especially considering the front intake fans will be in close proximity to the GPU (which my RX 480 gets extremely warm in my R5 when I'm playing Battlefield 1 for example). I'd love your advice on whether or not I should upgrade to the Define C from my current R5 due to size issues.

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Bought the RAM sticks at different times. The more expensive one when I first built the PC, and the second stick when it went on sale.

When I say the R5 is a better case I mean it ever so slightly. The define C is in my opinion the best small ATX case there is. I still use my R5 for my media server (need the extra space for many HDD's), and the power button, side panel latches, individual SSD trays, and front panel removal (swinging door) are all better on the R5. On the other hand the define C has a better reset button, better front USB layout, and no wasted space due to the inclusion of ancient 5.25" bays.

If you need the desk space go with the define C. I own both, and I am very happy with both, I just wish the define C could have kept more of the things I loved about the R5.

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Thanks for clarifying the RAM stick pricing! They look identical on the spec sheet aha

And just bought a Define C last night to replace the R5 Titanium I currently own. Gonna miss the nice power button, SSD trays, and front panel door but the space efficiency is worth the trade off. No need for the extra HDD cages because I only have an SSD and one HDD.

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Yeah, the space efficiency is worth it. :) The define C is baby sized compared to the R5.

Be sure to post the build here once you complete it! Would love to see another define C build.