Gaming and streaming machine for a friend. Flawless build, had zero difficulties. The SSD is way overkill, but using 4th gen pcie with ryzen 3rd gen was just too tempting. I'm planning to put in some rgb strips soon, to give it a little more flare.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Amazing temps and great quality. It's almost noctual levels of acoustics, but at a significantly lower price. Was a breeze to install.


Have not tried ocing yet, but this seems like the perfect x570 board. Great looks, great bios, and a price that doesn't involve cutting off my limbs.


Beautiful ram, xmp worked without a hitch.


The fastest ssd on the market, but it costs and arm and a leg. Wish the included heat sink was more easily removable.


Beautiful case with a lot of room for cable management.

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