First build so I'm just going to go over the rationale that used in the parts that I purchased. I'll edit more in as time goes on. Also for people wondering why I named my computer Sasha, it's a tribute to my old HP that is now retired.

CPU: I got this as part of a bundle that Microcenter had with the CPU and the Motherboard. It was an easy decision really: 30$ cheaper than the i5 at the time, as well as being able to overclock when rendering animations and video editing. Anything that makes my wait time lower is welcoming to me.

CPU Cooler: I was pretty skeptical about this purchase at first. I picked it up from Microcenter for 89.99, but I had read reviews that made it seem like it was the worst product ever and OMG ITZ RUINEDED MY COMPUTER GG. All i can say is that after using it, I cannot be happier with the purchase as it keeps my temps around 26C, and when overclocking around 33C. All I can say is to make sure you properly test the cooler for problems before installing, which I guess should be common sense when running a water cooler anyways.

Motherboard: Didn't really spend too much time deciding on this. As mentioned above, it was a deal with the CPU so I managed to get this pretty cheap. The reason I chose this motherboard over the others is because of the Wifi adapter built in. I did have a during install with the bluetooth/wifi drivers, but after some tinkering around I found the Qualcomm Altheous driver was causing problems connecting to the internet. I wasn't sure why, but after uninstalling the driver it works great.

Memory: Just went with the cheapest that I knew was compatible, 2x8 for now so there is a chance for upgrades. 16GB is overkill for gaming, but for scrubbing through my timeline in Adobe After Effects my life is much easier.

Storage: Crucial SSD to house my OS and Adobe Suite, as well as other things that I use frequently. The TB houses everything else.

GPU: I wanted to get something that was powerful now to run all my programs on dual monitors, and it was between 2x 760 GTX or a 780 GTX. I went with the single because of customer reviews I read about people who bought it for the same reason I needed a nice GPU for, which was video editing. Also, whenever I decide to upgrade I can just pick up another 780.

Case: Popular case, and i jumped on the bandwagon. The airflow is decent and it looks great, so I cant complain.

PSU: Least researched part of my build. Went for something that could have enough power if i decide to upgrade.

Monitors: This LG monitor is fantastic, and i got it cheaper than usual from a guy on Craiglists, who originally had bought it for a gift to someone, but they had already bought their own and his return date had expired. As I was leaving, there was a garage sale next store, so I stopped by to see what the had. Surprised, they had a small Emerson T.V. that was suitable to use as a second monitor and was only 20$. Certainly not a monitor to do any editing on, but it's good for anything else.

That's it for now, if there's anything else I think of or you guys want to know leave a comment. Thanks for looking!


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"Oh my god, who touched Sasha?"

I'm also surprised that it doesn't cost $400,000 to use this computer every 12 seconds.

Sweet build, though. I also hope you've played TF2.

Also, I've yet to see one person on this website complain about an H100i springing a leak, although there's the people on Newegg saying just that. You're good with any Corsair product. Another thing, if you're ONLY going to use this computer for video editing, FX, and etc., why did you get a gaming tiered GPU rather than a professional GPU like a Quadro or FirePro? Not that a 780 won't do what you tell it to, but I just have to ask.

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I use my computer for gaming as well, guess I should put that in the description. I did look at the Quadro but went with the GTX for a couple reasons: that I game alot and it was cheaper to fit my budget. I looked at reviews saying the Quadro is slower for gaming, and matches roughly the same as the GTX does in most things except rendering, in specific textures on double-sided surfaces. Basically it was a trade-off, but I think I can live with it. Good question though!

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Nice build, I love how the EVGA cards light up. You got some good deals, I love living near a micro center for picking up something quick that's on sale.

I see you also bought the EA Humble Bundle.

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That humble bundle was way too good to pass up lol!

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Nice build, looks tidy with quality components. Can't go wrong with more RAM for AE! +1