A machine for gaming at 1080p high refresh rates. The CPU is bottlenecking, I'm running all cores at 4.0 GHz but I'm considering disabling SMT (multithreading) and going for higher clock speeds on 6C/6T rather than 6C/12T. The RAM was half off at Microcenter so I got two 2x8 GB kits, once again the IMC (integrated memory controller) in my CPU is bottlenecking me, I lowered the speed down to 2933 MHz and it's stable as a rock. The RX 5700 XT is CPU limited and the new drivers are unstable at best, finally got a working update on version 9.12.2 of Radeon™ Driver Software. The monitor is perfect other than some ghosting around moving text. The CPU cooler is quiet and the fan is on exhaust for RAM clearance, it does the job well. The external M.2 is great at 2100MB/s and 1500MB/s on an NVME to USB 3.1 adapter/drive enclosure.

I'll get a new CPU when Ryzen 4000 comes out.

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Nice build, GPU & Monitor. Congratulations. In hind-site you should have invested the extra $40 and gone w/ a 2700x. I'm glad you have upgrade plans for that. I have the same case and enjoyed building in it. Thumbs up from me. Enjoy!