This is my first build so please be gentle. I plan on upgrading a few of these parts as I gain the necessary funds to do so. (I haven't really had time to really test any of this system, just got it running last night, but will update as I do)

In reality the only real problems I had with this build where ordering each individual part. Thanks to a problem with my debit card most of these parts were ordered more than one time. Luckily I was able to cancel all of these except one and am now debating on whether or not to keep the extra video card I received.

This was meant to be a budget first timer's build that would have enough space to be upgraded in the future. This will mostly be used for school (word, power-point, etc), auto-cad (2-D drawings), and possible light gaming and solid-works.

Why these parts:

-CPU: I got a great deal on an in-store pick-up along with the power supply which dropped a good $50 off the price

-Motherboard: This had everything I needed and was under $80. I also thought the blue looked nice even though it didn't match anything in the case

-Case: This case is beautiful and huge, plenty of space for cable management (still a work in progress) and any upgrades I may need. Came with four fans that all work perfectly and god damn it looks nice!

Again this is my first build and I would really like any criticisms or pointers that would help me make this an even better build.

Thanks, Sweenburg


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The only thing I'd suggest is getting a higher wattage PSU, which could be around the same price more or less for a 600 Watt. And also a 24" monitor, which can be had for around the same price. Otherwise, some good choices I think.

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For the sake of cable management i would switch your HDD around so the connectors face the other way

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