This is a build I had been working on for a while, and took around 2 months to get all the parts for.

Some background; my partner is Japanese and she's grown up with a lot of Bemani/arcade games, and is a god at the rhythm game "Pop'n music" which isn't really available outside of select Japanese arcades, and some older versions on the PS2. She has all PS2 releases, but the games are region locked and we got pretty sick of having to SwapMagic them every time we booted from my console, so we built this PC to replace the old stuttery GTX 650Ti/old server parts build below it that didn't even have an ssd, to give a better all-round emulation experience. The old build was fine for the PS2 emulation we needed to do, but when it came to the emulating the arcade software it stuttered worse than me giving a speech at a convention.

Our original plan was buying new and getting a GTX 1050, buy all the parts (deciding between AM4/1151v2) new and call it a day. A whole bunch of issues popped up with that and in the end we realised we'd need Windows 7 native compatible hardware out of the box because neither of us had the time to fiddle around getting current gen hardware working with it, and the last of which was Intel's Z170 platform.

So starting from the beginning again, we decided a GTX 1060 6GB build would be the best for any future emulation needs up to 1080p, plus the odd Overwatch game and a bunch of old VNs that only run on Windows 7 or older. We knew that we'd need to hit gumtree/ebay/forums/hardwareswap to get the most out of our "around £300" budget.

We lucked out and got a super good Intel i5 6600K + Z170 Maximus Gene board that won the silicon lottery so was able to clock at 4.9GHz at 1.41v for £126 for the MOBO + CPU, though we now run it at 4.5GHz at 1.27v due to cooling/not delidding. The same person sold us mismatched 4x4GB ddr4 RAM with blue corsair lpx heatspreaders that we managed to overclock to 2800MHz on all 4 sticks, though we ended up selling 2 after a few days to recoup some costs. We didn't need to, but we wanted to stay as close to that "£300 budget" as possible, and 8GB is already overkill for what this PC will do.

Our next gumtree seller gave us a great deal with an old, slightly scratched up Sharkoon CA-M case and Aerocool Integrator 500w 80+ Bronze PSU for £15. We were planning on using the old case and PSU but this would involve breaking down the entire build, which would take a day because of how much of a mess that PC is. This also came with one 60mm fan and 3 120mm fans (2 of which were Corsair SP120s and didn't have mounting holes so were double-sided sticky taped to the bottom). A little cleaning and blowing air into the PSU had this in top shape in a few minutes. The PSU is definitely the weakest link in this project, especially because it isnt modular, but I was able to stuff all the extra cables towards the side panel to work the airflow, so it'll do for now.

The cooler is a Be Quiet! Shadow Rock LP was bought on ebay, it claims 130W of dissipation but not in this sandwiched build. The CPU draws 80w at P95 small fft load and that hits 84c after about 3.5-4 hours so that was as far as I felt safe with this setup.

The EVGA GTX 1060 6GB (with over a year warranty remaining, thank the egyptian gods for EVGA's transferable warranty) was bought off AVForums, I originally bought it to replace the GPU in my old PC as it was old and loud and hot and turned my room into a heater in the summer months, but once I realised it could be worked into this build I gave it up and eventually bought a laptop that would do me for a long time anyway, especially due to how much I've been moving around recently.

The SSD (PNY 480GB SataIII) we got from Amazon, it was probably the only thing bought new.

Building and getting the parts was a lot of fun, I suck at all rhythm games so this will pretty much only be used by my partner minus the times I get challanged to a Mario Party 4 game (if you could recommend some good PC compatible gamecube controllers, that'll be appreciated) and hopefully it'll be much easier to move around than her old build that's stuffed full of old 160-500GB spinning hard disks.

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mate you need to get a case that got some space. I understand the budget issue. But, extra 30 or 40 will make this PC perform well for a long time. Right now from this pics, I can say that the GPU will struggle. For extra measures try to get brand new PSU, 500 80+ bronze will do the trick.

Heres a wild Idea, try to get the PSU out from the case. This will cost nothing but a bit of hustle. But make sure to place it somewhere safe or try to cover it, so no one gets hurt.

Screw the SSD on the bottom. if there is no screws maybe use zip ties. Good Luck :)

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