Starting off i'll just say this is the 1st build I ever done and to say the least while i knew it wasn't much more than advanced legos I was still nerve racked. Needless to say it went smooth and couldn't be happier with the end results. I mainly stream videos and play games so this beast handles all those with ease while multi-tasking out the gazoo.

Cpu- I chose intel b/c it seemed to be the overall performance beast in gaming. The specific model I got is most popular & on the haswell platform future proofing myself a bit.

Cpu Cooler- At the price point and cools the cpu no problem. I currently don't see any point to overclock since everything is at lightening speed and no bogging down whatsoever. Not confident in o/c'ing at the moment

Motherboard- Board run's smoothly and integrates well with graphics card. Seems like the features are plenty and not to pricey. (Red and Black is very nice)

Memory- Got these on sale for $50 on cyber monday haven't had any issues.

Storage- Let's just say MEGA FAST Just got this for booting os and certain applications. (Using 500g western digital from old build as secondary hhd for puting the majority of junk)

Video Card- In my price range and well well reviewed. As said up above it adds great aesthetics with the board and is super capable of playing any current game. (twin frozer fans make little to no noise)

Case- This thing has an exceptional amount of room for upgrading, great airflow, & looks overall amazing. Corsair has my vote. White led's hit the spot and coming up I got 2 red led fans going in to top for additional airflow.

Power Supply- I really wanted to not be naive on this as I know this component can take the rest with it if something goes bad. Super quite half the time the fan doesn't even spin which is a nice feature.(only under load) If I ever wanna get a 2nd graphics card I am ready as well. Go Corsair.

Operating System- I gave windows 8 a shot and I'm in. I see alot of negativity out there and honestly don't get it. This is the future and it's sexy at that. Learn something new everyday with it. No complaints.

Monitor-Big, Sexy, Bright, Clear & Crisp.


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Great build seems well balanced. You can easily OC that CPU with that cooler to 3.8GHz if you want to be safe. I have that cooler on my 4820k ATM but with a second fan for a push/pull combo into the case exhaust. For 10-15 bucks would be worth it if you want to OC.


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The OP could probably push something more like 4.2 fairly easily whilst keeping the temps below 70*C under load.

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I said if he wanted to be safe for his first time OCing, I have my 4820k at 4.5Ghz with it ik he can

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Overclocking Z87 boards are a breeze. Personally, I got 4.5GHz out of my 4670K in about ten minutes (closed loop cooling though). GPUs are a bit more challenging, and I wouldn't recommend it until you really need the power, as it can reduce the card's longevity. Thankfully, with ASUS' fantastic GPU Tweak I can actually keep more than one profile on my card, so it's actually underclocked when I'm not playing high demand games.

EDIT: Very nice build BTW. Very clean. I love it when people include bench build shots.