Hey everyone, and welcome to my great big Christmas present to myself. My very first PC build :) So, recently my dad built himself a big epic computer, and I was super excited to help build it. When we were done building it, I looked up pcpartpicker and started adding parts to the list. I learned so much about computers, my dad is a huge computer geek, and he helped me a lot with learning and my interest in computers. Now that I have almost all the pieces of the puzzle, I can finally post my semi-finished build! :D

EDIT: I tried installing a ton of stuff including Battlefield 4... but I completely spaced installing drivers, and got a ton of Blue screens of death... :/ It's just a simple first build embarrassment. I'm installing drivers now. :)

EDIT 2: So, there's a problem with the hardware, I kept getting the PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA Blue Screen, and people were saying there's something wrong with the memory. I might have to order a new RAM stick.

EDIT 3: Yep. It's the ram. My dad put one of his 8gb sticks in my machine and it worked fine. Going to return this and order from Crucial. :)

EDIT 4: Got new RAM, Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB. Computer works amazingly :)


Minecraft: Highest settings without optifine - 50+ fps

Highest settings with optifine: 110+ fps

Medium/High Optfine and SEUS Shaders 50+ Fps

Battlefield 4 Singleplayer Campaign;

Ultra: 30-50

High: 40-70



My custom optimized settings (All ultra except turned off aa and ambient occlusion. Looks Amazing): 50-110 fps

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer:

Battlefield 3:

Ultra: 50-70

High: 65-110

Medium: 70-130


Battlefield 3 Multiplayer:

Tomb Raider:

Alien Isolation:

So first, things I still don't have:

A new keyboard and mouse. DVD Drive.

Here's the list of the PC parts:

CPU: I went with the FX-6300 because it was 90 bucks at the time, and that is a reeally good price for the framerates it supposedly gets in bf4 on ultra(40+). Accidentally dropped it, bent one of the pins. My dad bent it back. :D

CPU Cooler: The Hyper 212 Evo supposedly is great for overclocking, got it for a great price, and has great positive reviews. The reason I took off a star is because it was quite tall, and a little confusing to install. I might add that star back when I overclock succesfully ;)

Motherboard: This motherboard was actually around 64 bucks, however shipping to Alaska is never fun, that added a few bucks and made the price $88.30. I would have taken off a star because it doesn't have an amazingly simple design, but the amazing feeling I had when I successfully booted into the bios was too overwhelming, so I'm adding that star back :)

Memory: I know, I know. "4GB of ram isn't good enough for gaming." However 4GB will be just fine for my gaming until I upgrade and get another one of these sticks. The Fins on the top were quite tall and I wasn't able to install the stick next to the huge cpu cooler, though the motherboard has 4 slots for memory, so I just moved it to a different slot.

Storage: I did a little bit of research to figure out why Seagate was so popular... and there was a chart of failure rates between hard drives, Seagate having the highest failure rate, Hitachi having the lowest, and WD in between. The Hitachi drives were super expensive, and my dad got WD, so I just stuck with WD. Also this was on sale(I think). :)

Video Card: This was the most expensive piece of the puzzle. The FX-6300 and the R9 270x are a good pair for a lot of people, and they can run battlefield games on ultra with 40+ fps. So I went with this GPU, it was definitely expensive(for me being 14 and not having a job), BUT it came with 3 free games of my choice(Star Citizen, Tomb Raider, and Alien Isolation were my choices :D). Overall, I think I made the right choice on this one :)

Case: I started out with a Fractal Design Core 2300. Then I decided that I wanted USB 3.0 on the front panel, so I switched to the Core 3000. When I ordered, it told me that Fractal design doesnt ship to Alaska(Whaddaya know). The thing is, my dad got a Fractal Design Define R4 and it shipped just fine, so I was quite frustrated. I ended up Finding this case - Rosewill Redbone U3 for about 50 bucks, good quality, just enough room(I was able to fit the Hyper 212 Evo in here just Barely, and the GPU fit perfectly for those wondering.) and it has a glowing fan in the front. Who doesn't want a glowing fan?

PSU: I wasn't able to stretch and get something modular, and a 700w or 750w would be too much for this pc anyway. Anyway, I liked it just fine. Had no problems with it. :)

Optical drive: I don't have this yet, but at the time of me writing this, it's the best one for the price, and it's a best seller.

OS: Windows has been my operating system since I got into computers. I've never used a mac, Linux, any other big operating systems. I've used windows 8 for around 2 years now, and it's my favorite of all time. :) This is a present my parents are getting me for Christmas, My dad and I are going into town to get it soon. UPDATE: I got windows 8.1 from Target(last copy on the shelf) and I'm putting it on a USB 3.0 Stick now. :)

Monitor: This was the biggest present that I had that was actually wrapped, it wouldn't even fit under the tree! My mom told me that I wasn't getting very many presents this year, and I was a little disappointed. However, when I opened this gorgeous 1080p 1ms 80,000,000:1 contrast ratio monitor, I was so happy and the rest of the day was just perfect for me. Then of course my dad told me we they were gonna get me Windows 8, and I guess you could say I was just grinning hugely for the rest of the day.

Wireless network card: I actually didn't get this, my dad bought me an Ethernet cable and a Wi-Fi extender, so I can just plug the pc straight into that and get my Wi-Fi that way.

Case fan: I was a little disappointed when we were almost done building, and this didn't fit in the case where I wanted it to. We were going to take out the LED fan in the front and put it out the side, then put the vortex fan in the front, but when I installed the LED fan in the side, the side wouldn't close, because the Hyper 212 evo and the Power Supply were not letting it close all the way. I liked the idea of a glowing red fan in the front, so I moved the LED fan back to the front, and put the vortex back in the box.

I don't have any benchmarks or temperatures for you guys just yet, but I will most likely have them by the end of the month(or you could say the end of the year).

I hope you guys got some helpful information from this build! It's my first build ever, so if you have any tips or criticism, I will gladly listen and learn something new :)


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  • 64 months ago
  • 2 points

Really well balanced part selection and the bang/buck is really good. One thing I would change is the ram to 2x4gb because 8gb is better and that it can run in dual channel but it's an easy fix, just add another stick of the same model and it's done, Sorry for my crappy english as I am really tired as I am writing this.

  • 64 months ago
  • 1 point

Hey man, no problem on the english, and I'm already planning on upgrading and getting another 4gb stick asap! :D Thanks for replying! :)

  • 64 months ago
  • 2 points

Hope you enjoy that machine :3

  • 64 months ago
  • 2 points

I definitely will. The days of lowest graphics settings are behind me! :D

  • 63 months ago
  • 2 points

nice build, also used the fx6300 black edition , but got my r9 270x from sapphire. great card