Hello ive just upgraded to an i5 from an old Q6600. I had to do the build on a budget as I'm also saving to buy a house with the wench. its a mix of bits off the old pc, some new used bits, and some new new bits. I would have liked an SSD to use as a boot drive but my funding run out! maybe in a few years ... The pc is used primarily for music production and a little gaming. Specs are:

Intel i5 4570 Asrock H87 pro4 corsair ddr3 1600 - 32gb Sapphire 6870 Corsair TX650 PSU Zalman Z9 case WD caviar black 500GB HDD - OS & Programs Samsung 80GB HDD - project files Hitachi 320GB HDD - Sample library

will be buying a coolermaster 212 evo on payday to replace the stock cooler And if i had more cash I would have opted for a 4670k but i got the 4570 at a decent price thanks to

and if anyones wondering why i have 32gb of ram and no ssd its because amazon dropped the price so i just grabbed it!


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You could use that RAM to make a RAM cache disk, that will outperform every SSD on the market.

There is some great software available to do so, just google the subject.

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No! More ram is betterer!

I've got ramdisk set up already, installed my music software on it so it's proper speedy! got the decent one so ramdisk is running at 16gb.

I don't do a massive amount of gaming and the 6870 runs on high fine on the games I do have and that's fine with me!

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I agree people on this website underestimate the true potential of RAM, it can be used for so much more than only run programs and games.

There is also a registry hack for Windows 7 (I only recommend this when you know what the Windows registry is and how it works) that stores the Windows kernel onto the RAM memory upon boot. This hack will make your PC lightning fast.

  • Click on start
  • Type "regedit" without the " "
  • Click on regedit

now look for:

'DisablePagingExecutive' within 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management'. Change its value to 1 (the standard setting is 0).

If 'DisablePagingExecutive' is not there:

  • Give a right click on the right side of the regedit
  • Hover over new string
  • Click on DWORD 32-bit (doesn't matter if you own 64-bit windows, just make a new DWORD 32-bit string).

  • Give it the name 'DisablePagingExecutive' (without " ", make sure to use the capital letters)

  • Click on "decimal"
  • Give value "1"
  • Click on OK and reboot your system

Another "hack" would be:

Go to:

  • My computer
  • Right click
  • Click properties
    • Click on advanced systemsettings (look at the left)

When in advanced systemsettings:

  • Go to the Advanded tab
  • click on setting (presentation)

A new popup will open:

  • Go to the advanced tab
  • Look at virtual memory (click on change)

A new popup called virtual memory will open:

  • Check none
  • Click on apply
    • Your system will now reboot

There you go, now all programs will utilize only the RAM and will never use your HDD and/or SSD to save temp. files, this will speed up all programs.

Important to all: Due notice that when you have less than 8GB of RAM I highly suggest that you do not use this feature, this could result in crashes and loss of data!!!

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does storing the kernel on RAM pose any risks if you were to have a sudden power loss?

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No, the kernel is the same every boot. You can only lose data during a sudden power failure, which was still stored on the RAM.

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Nice ;-)

will give that a go when the wench gets off the pc thanks ;-)

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You are very welcome, everyone should know how to get the most potential out of their PCs.

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wench lel.

Nice build :)

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I'm looking at getting that Motherboard that you are using as part of this setup ( ) and just wanted to see how you found it, size wise. A lot of motherboards are micro-atx, but this one isn't and I don't want to get a case that is too small. Case I'm currently eyeing up is an ATX Mid Tower which I notice is the same kinda size as yours. I presume that the motherboard fit in okay?

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Hi mate the motherboard isn't massive and fit in my case with a bit of room to spare, performance is very good, only annoying thing I've found so far is that the chassis fan headers don't appear to control pwm fan speed so I'm running all the days off the cpu fan header

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Thanks for the response mate!

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32 gigs of ram!!!????? 8 would have been fine and had enought money for a SSD.

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You dont get 32 gigs of ram just cuz the prices dropped >_>

16 is overkil if you ask me, and 32 is just there if you have the money.

You could have gone with 8 and a better, newer GPU.

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