Codenamed: Mobius One with an alias of "The 1080p FAEB", I present my very first build as a PC gamer:

I was itching for a new computer to play Ace Combat 7 on, and it took me more than half a year after the game's release to initially bring it to life, but I took a lot of time in the years beforehand to read and learn from the great community over at /r/buildapc, and, in the last several months made some additions from the base build - I added a 2 TB Barracuda HDD, the Hyper 212 RGB, and the ELV8 GPU brace last. Now I can play AC7 and any number of other games (most popular with me: Rocket League, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Battlefield V, and many more...) with pretty good results in the range of 1080p resolution with 60 to 144 fps as a target.

Additional components reviews to those below:

Cooler Master ELV8 It works, but the installation on my Focus G case makes the brace sit a bit more under the RX 590 (and precipitously close to the GPU's dual fans) than I'd anticipated. Haven't even used it 24 hours yet at this point though so I'm watching it closely. It does indeed keep the GPU a bit more fixed and stable in position.

USB Powered 3.5mm Stereo Speakers Brought from an old family computer (eMachines) - so, free! Work well enough when I'm not using my headset.

DP Cable Amazon Basics DisplayPort cable, works well.

Part Reviews


Fully impressed with this CPU, never owned any computer quite as advanced though. I don't really overclock but might turn on PBO via Ryzen Master just to test the option out. Regularly see single-core boost to 4.1 ghz during loads on default settings.

CPU Cooler

Was pretty intimidated by putting this on, but seemed like everything went smoothly. Added in some Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut which has also helped quite a bit. If you read this, remember to just hold the heatsink part steady while applying more pressure with the screwdriver onto the bracket screws attached to the heatsink that are screwed into the standoffs. Pressure on the brackets, not directly on the heatsink (and thus the CPU itself). I worried I pressed my CPU too hard, but it has been fine since installation.


No wifi on this board, but it has been sufficient for my purposes. I could always plug in an old usb wifi adapter I have if I need.


Effective, synced with my Mobo and found its XMP profile in the bios quite simply. The RGB software by G. Skill is pretty dynamic and can address up to 5 nodes on the RGB LEDs of the sticks, which is pretty neat.


First M.2-2280 NVME drive I've ever touched, but I never even owned any 2.5" SSD, and I am astounded (even if it is just PCIe 3.0/NVME 1.3, it's so fast for what I was coming from before). Easy to install in the Mobo.


256mb cache, 7200 rpm, it was like $55 when I bought it. Just needed more game storage at a good price quickly. May add more SSD storage in the future.

Video Card

Almost went with a RX 5700/5700 XT; however, the price for that card on top of the desire for a 1440p display with high refresh rate would've been too much. That's a future upgrade to consider! As for the RX 590, I am super pleased with its performance with my FreeSync monitor and for 1080p 144hz gameplay. Smooth even on games not performing at 144 fps. The architecture is well-driven at this point too, which made the older tech a bit more attractive for its reliability as well. Only minus is the power hunger this thing has.


Lots has already been said by many about this case. It's a good one to learn in I think, but yes cable management can be a bit of a nuisance in it. (Just look at my pictures...). Actually had an issue where I was pressing a power cable so hard in the back of the case that the computer wouldn't turn on, so it had to come out into the front/middle of the case.

Power Supply

I'm pleased with it so far. It hasn't let me down and should have the capacity for any upgrades I make in the next 2-4 years.

Operating System

I paid the full price for this key, and it worked just fine. No watermark to deal with and no chance of a scraped key from Ebay. Bought on Newegg. Windows 10 is alright.

Case Fan

Additional fan bought to complement the ones in my case. Works well. Actually have a backup of this one, and one that I bought by accident which was just a white fan (not with the white LED). I used the white fan one for the most time, and it was actually slightly better built because the plastic it used was tougher. The White LED fans' plastic housing is a shinier, thinner plastic that I think one might want to be careful of screwing in so hard that it cracks/fractures.


I am happy with this monitor, though I read many reviews before buying it by people who weren't. It's been everything I needed/wanted it to be for the targets I had.

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  • 1 month ago
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It looks like a nice build although, The white led fans dont really fit well

  • 1 month ago
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Thank you, Tigru. They aren't perfect but I am making do with them as two came pre-installed on the Focus G. My addressable RGB i use to keep some white colors in the theme.

  • 1 month ago
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Also why do you need so much space