Hey, this is My First Gaming PC Build. Technically, it is the second: I built an AMD Phenom II x6 1100t and AMD 6770 build back in 2011, but I was greatly helped by my brother to select the parts, and by my father and brother in building it; and because of that I consider it my first, since I did absolutely everything myself.

CPU: I decided to go with a Skylake build, as I was impressed with its benchmarks and wanted to buy the latest thing I could while mantaining my US$800 budget (not including the case, PSU and peripherals). I run it with a stock cooler, as it cannot be overclocked and I only do gaming on it, so the stock cooler is fine, imo. It runs at around 38º while on idle (maybe watching a youtube video, and 3-4 more Chrome windows), and while gaming it runs at around 62º (Star Wars Battlefront and GTA V). I really recommend it :D

Motherboard: Cheapest Skylake LGA1151 mobo I could find, it works really good and has what I needed.

RAM: I bought 16gb of RAM to try and futureproof this pc as much as I could while staying inside the budget. Unfortunately, I didn't completely check the motherboard RAM capabilities, so the most I can run it is 2133mhz instead of its 2400mhz, but still, It's working really good so far.

SSD: I basically bought this SSD just to have the system and programs installed on there, and it does the job. The PC completely loads in about 10 seconds, which is way way better than the other pc I had.

HDD: Games and stuff go here, and it works like a charm.

GPU: My monitors are really bad (one is essentially a 22" TV that runs at 1366x768 with VGA, and the other is a regular 15" VGA Monitor), and I needed to have a DVI-I connector and an HDMI connector (the smaller monitor actually runs through an HDMI to VGA adapter, HDMI going to GPU and connecting a VGA cable going to the monitor), and this card had it (I wasn't sure of whether to buy an AMD R9 390 or a GTX 970, and this was the deciding factor). I love the look of the STRIX model, and the cooling unit design works like a charm, keeping the card quite cool, and 0db fan mode is really good too when doing light stuff that don't heat up the GPU. Really recommend it :D

Steelseries Rival 300: I wanted a mouse that allowed me to rest my whole hand on it, and this mouse is exactly what I was looking for. Its customization program works really good too, and the 2 buttons on the side are always helpful for me since I play a lot of MMORPGs. Recommend it :D

Logitech G430: As with the mouse, I was looking for an upgrade. This headset has a great microphone, and really good virtual surround help, which is what I wanted out a Headset. It looks really good and is also very comfortable. Recommend it :D

HERE ENDS THE LIST OF PARTS BOUGHT IN THE US (Went on a trip to NYC, and brought home these parts above)


PSU: I bought this PSU because it was the better one in price/wattage relationship here in Argentina. My brother has the 550w version of it and it worked really great for him, so I just went ahead and picked this one up. So far, it is working really good, is quite silent and I love the fact that it's modular. Recommend it :D

Case: I bought this case because I think it looks really nice, and I liked the fact it came with 4 fans with blue LED light. Works really good, though the fans are not amazing, yet do their job sufficiently good.

Note: The prices of the PSU and Case are much more expensive than in the US because that's how PC components are in Argentina, they are way more expensive than in the US. The price I've put in the list is what I paid in Pesos Argentinos (our currency) divided by 14 (the exchance rate at the moment of writing this description) (2300/14 for the PSU and 1800/14 for the Case, aprox)

I've had the pc for 9 days so far, and it works exactly as I wanted it to. On my 1366x768, it runs the latest games at 60fps stable (I use VSYNC to ensure it runs at 60fps, as that's the refresh rate for my monitor, 60hz) with the highest graphics. Everything runs quite cool (considering it's summer here in Argentina at the time of this description, with around 30º C during the day). I will most probably do some upgrades to the build (not components) during the year (most likely one more extra Case Fan just in case, and a 1080p monitor).

Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions you wish, or more photo requests, I will be reading all of them and responding to each one. Thank you, and sorry for the very long post.

Have a great day and Game On! Tom

(PD: Yes, my cable management sucks, if you can even call it that, but the case doesn't help much either :/ )


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Hm. PSU doesn't quite check out. At least you aren't overclocking.

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Hey, I have seen that review, and I have taken it into account, but since that is one of the components I had to buy here in Argentina, there weren't that many options at a reasonable price, and this PSU was the best I could get at 700w and this price. Thank you for your input, though, appreciate it!

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Nice build +1

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what the ****