This build was a pain to build. I first started with a prebuilt from IBuyPower. So, what happened was that they sent me the wrong one(The more expensive one with an i7700 and a 1080). So I was happy, but everything but the CPU and the GPU was trash, so I decided to upgrade. I bought everything on the list now but the mobo, CPU, and the RGB SSD and changed the whole pc - For the people who want to know, I used the same CPU(i7700) and I got the Asus Apex Maximus IX (would recommend). That was a full-on beast already, but I wanted better. So, I decided to upgrade again, and this is it for now.

This build is beautiful and everything on this list I would recommend. There weren't any problems trying to make this beast run, but if you want better RGB on your mobo, I would get a better version of what is on this list. I know I shouldn't have cheaped out on the mobo, but I was running over on my budget and I needed a z390.

Most of my parts worked perfectly and definitely, would recommend(Check product review)

But my right ram stick(the one away from the cooler) isn't responding for some reason. The left one is responding to the cosiar software, though. If anyone knows the problem, please hmu. I will try to fix this in the meanwhile.

Adding updated Pics Later(Ones with the RGB SSD and, hopefully, my fixed ram)

Part Reviews


Prime Z390-A-II: Pros: $, Good IO, Good bios, Easy plug and play,

Cons: Not that much RGB, Parts of the MOBO are plastic, which kinda sucks,

It's really good for the price. I had no problems with it, but wish it had more RGB


The Thermaltake View 71: Pros: Great space, Looks Amazing, Provides Ample Circulation, Multiple spaces to put your hardware where ever you want

Cons: Doesn't have that many cable managing accessories, Hard to take out and put filters back in, $

The case is really good for the right people, would recommend if you want your pc to stand out.

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