Basically my first build with some better parts and better cable management. PC is used for gaming and light school work (Office 365). First Build:

Pictures are before front side cable management and before the listed GPU has been put in.

The GPU in these pictures are from an older mac pro that I had laying around since when the computer was built we did not have the GPU and it came the next day. Cables in the front MB side have been moved to the back and to molex cables have been cut off due to the owner of the computer now saying he would not need them, so cables are not there at all.

Improvements from the first build: Better GPU Better Motherboard 2 4GB sticks of Kingston RAM rather than 1 8GB stick Different SSD brand and more storage

What went well: I believe that I had much better cable management than the last build I made. Everything went together fairly well and I was done building within an hour or so due to familiarity with most parts, and the case.

Computer runs very well, and I was able to boot and install windows and other software on the SSD while building the computer due to the USB to SSD cable I have, so games and programs were installed.

Problems: Non-modular PSU. Biggest headache ever when I want a nice clean build. I don't know why I chose this PSU again. I think I forgot about the PSU until when I went to build the computer.. CPU cooler is VERY large. I highly recommend you find something else. It cools VERY well but is a struggle to get the cables in the top left/mid left installed. I wanted to see if the reason this was such a pain for cable management was the size of the MB, which wasn't exactly the case. I would go with a much smaller CPU cooler or water cooler. I should have recommended that my friend get another set of the RAM sticks but for now 8GB is good.

Comments: Motherboard has a great red LED aesthetic by the I/O area. Extremely silent even when fans are going 100% GPU lights up

I will be getting temperature readings later because I have had no time to go over to his house and perform stress tests, and I had to go to work right after we built his computer. I will also over clock his CPU next time I am over at his house

Part Reviews


Solid intel CPU. Good for someone who wants a "budget" but doesnt want to use an intel i3

CPU Cooler

SUPER tall. Almost impossibly to fit the CPU power cable into its socket due to the height of this cooler.

It is very quiet and cools the CPU very well.


Love it. red LED light by the I/O shield. lots of fan ports and Power, reset, etc.. cables are labeled on the MB


Black RAM. Performs well, I guess? I have had no problems with this RAM.


Good amount of SSD storage from a reputable seller for a great price.

Video Card

Duel fans, LEDs that light up the name. Great performance.


Great case with awesome cable management. Lots of space for HDDs and SSDs. I suggest you get a modular power supply if you plan on installing HDDs.

Power Supply

No problems with the functionality. The fact that it is not modular really kills the thought of swapping out cables for different colored ones and cables you don't use are not removable and need to be wrapped around and zip-tied/rubber banded and placed somewhere in the case.

Operating System

Best windows release ever. I actually like it more than windows 7.

Wireless Network Adapter

Wifi adapter.. what more can I say? Only connects to 2.4GHz networks, does not connect to 5GHz networks. Takes up 2 USB ports due to it's shape and size. Use the adapter than comes with it.

Recently had a problem with this to where my brother would get random spike in ping and make games un playable. I have confirmed it has something to do with the wifi adapter because when I use my TP Link adapter, everything works fine, and when I move his adapter into my computer I get the same ping spike. I would spend the extra $14 and get the TP Link adapter which allows for connection to 5GHz networks and better connectivity.,%20LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID=

Case Fan

Ultra silent, power consumption is lower, comes with extra cables and has great airflow.

Colors are ugly.


Good widescreen monitor for anyone who isn't too picky and just wants a good HD 1080p monitor that works.


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I have really simillar parts for my upcoming first build and I like your choice with the H7, i5 6600K and the 1050 ti video card! Love your build and how is the 1050 ti going? I want to know just how good it is before I buy it.

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It is a competent video card.

Performance is above the RX 460, GTX 950, GTX 960 but it is under the RX 470.

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I personally think it is a great card. The Radeon equivalent has been getting equally great reviews so it's basically up to you.

My friend loves the card and it plays anything he throws at it with Ultra Settings. I do recommend this gpu.

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Now, Now we all know what we getting into when you Go with Noctua.

Besides it nice build.

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PC is used for gaming and light school work (Office 365).

Office 366 have been released recently on PC. Btw, it got rave reviews on Steam >:D

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nice prank

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