"Carbon Copy" name is from the matched Carbon Fiber looks shared on the case, Mobo, and GPU. It's got good looks and a perfect portable gaming rig with future proof room to upgrade. Starting with the Ryzen lineup on the am4 socket allows plenty of cpu choices for the future. I started with the 1800x for a better binned chip in hopes of a better OC. Matched with Corsairs AIO H100i pro it's able to run at 4Ghz all day while in game. MSI x370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC gives you lots of features plus wifi capable so you can play anywhere. The Cougar Panzer Max case has great handles for carrying as well as great airflow and many configurable options. Corsairs hydro 1080Ti or MSI Sea Hawk 1080Ti allows for top FPS and being hybrid air/water cooled allows for some OC as well as cool game temps. And of course you can never go wrong with a Samsung NVME SSD to load up those game in seconds. Love this build. Had it for a few years now and haven't found a game that it can't handle on Max settings in 1080p.

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