Little, quiet AMD Box for games and Netflix.

Most issues I've had were related to fitting a PSU. The Nano S has space for an ATX power supply but with an asterisk. When I tried using an ATX Corsair TX550M, the space between an RX 470 NITRO+ and PSU was around 1 mm. The 5700 XT PULSE would not fit at all.

I opted for an SFX bequiet! BM239 instead, but the included cables were barely long enough to route around the cooler. Fortunately, the bequiet! accessory cables were available and fit perfectly (CB-6620, CC-7710). The PSU and cables alone left a little more space for air flow. The zero RPM mode helps to keep the box quiet.

For the motherboard I opted for the AORUS B450 I because of the good WIFI reviews. Since there were reports that it tends to have a hot VRM section, I added a third case fan connected through a 1 to 3 fan power splitter, since the motherboard has a single case fan connector.

Even though the case is a bit cramped, the temperatures are ok. The GPU boosts to a little over 2070 Mhz and stays at 75C junction and 1500 RPM The CPU boosts to: - 3950 Mhz all-core and 4150 Mhz single core (PBO, SMT on). - 4100 Mhz all-core and 4150 Mhz single core (Manual OC, SMT off)

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  • 1 month ago
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how does the mugen 5 do when cooling your r5 3600?

  • 1 month ago
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Prime95 on the Blend preset goes up to 70C steady state. 75C if I run FurMark in parallel. I'm using liquid metal instead of thermal paste though. The fans stay pretty quiet.