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Overseas rig

by bohemond1980



Date Published

July 4, 2016

Date Built

July 4, 2016

CPU Clock Rate

3.7 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

32.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

74.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.873 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8.006 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

30.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

80.0° C


Needed a build for overseas travelling, RVZ01B case was about the slimmest I could find, though still too big for carry-on really (unless you carry it by itself).

The RVZ01B was kind of a PITA to work in, as I expected. OS was the biggest hurdle overall, the EZ tool was useless and unable to successfully format any USB flash drive I threw at it to circumvent the USB 3.0/DVD issue. so I ended up having to get windows 10 instead of Windows 7 (which I detest, but didn't have a lot of time).

The RAM I had laying around, so that didn't cost me anything.

Part Reviews


Does what it's supposed to, no more, no less.

CPU Cooler

Keeps the CPU well cooled, little noise.


Lots of Z features for less, good quality.


Solid case, wish it was a hair smaller.

Operating System

hate it.

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bohemond1980 submitter 14 Builds 1 point 33 months ago

yeah, that's not much in the way of competition is the issue; particularly in the 500W+ category with SS holding 3/5.

shadowbyte918 4 Builds 2 points 33 months ago

cryorig master race

nice build

bohemond1980 submitter 14 Builds 1 point 33 months ago


baneblade 1 point 29 months ago


How are your video card temps ? I used a blower style 980 ti back in the day when it came out and hard to swap it out for a 3rd party one just to keep the case from melting. I had the ML07 which is the same case as yours but with a less gamer shell. Can you use it on its side with the rubber feet and that card ?

bohemond1980 submitter 14 Builds 1 point 29 months ago

putting the case on its side increased cpu temps way too much, the rubber feet don't give enough clearance. The GPU is cool enough, max temp it gets to is 80C, but mostly stays 46-77C depending on the game. Didn't want to put a non-blower in this case, as the case cooling itself is quite limited.

baneblade 1 point 29 months ago


first thanks for even replying to me. Lots of posters here pretty much post and forget it. I already use a non- blower style card currently with the evga sc 980 ti. I actually can run it in both laying down and upright without overheating. But that is due to the case fans matching up with the 2 fans built in the card and super charging the cooling.

So it seems you also ran into the same thermal problems I did with the old 980 ti blower style card. mmmmm

In my ML07 my non-blower style GPU idles around 36 and I get around mid 60 If i game for a while. I hate to tell you this but the case is actually made for non- blower gpus it seems. I will post my temps and setup to show you. Thanks any for clearing this up for me.

llamacaust 1 point 29 months ago

How is the m.2 performance speed wise compared to a ssd

bohemond1980 submitter 14 Builds 1 point 29 months ago

Same speed. But really even something like a 950 Pro is overrated speed wise, I've run RAMDISK on my X99 rig and the difference is practically unnoticeable if I wasn't timing it. http://s1068.photobucket.com/user/loki1944/media/RAMDISK%20Arma%203_zps1o1feeyk.png.html

llamacaust 1 point 29 months ago

Thanks for the info

EagleByte 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago

Microsoft - Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-bit: hate it.

What's wrong with Windows 10?

bohemond1980 submitter 14 Builds 1 point 13 months ago

All the Brave New World BS MS tries to push; trying to make decisions for the user; invasive telemetry which is not simply disabled in options, MS app spam that requires extra steps to nuke (first thing I did was kill cortana with fire). At this point W10 is more like apple than anything.

EagleByte 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago

Oh. Yeah, all of the piracy isn't much fun disabling during setup, and if you forget, it's even worse later. I can agree with you on that.

[comment deleted]