As per the title of this machine, i decided to build a machine that i could use for multiple things: - Web Design & Graphics Design (My Business) - My Business (Invoicing, Embriodery File Creations, ETC) - Gaming - Music Editing - Video Editing

As with the times at the moment i didnt have the cash to splash out on the most expensive parts however were needed i have done. The upgrade ability is very good with this set up and i will be overclocking the cpu & gpu's and crossfire'ing them too also adding extra fans. I chose MSI this time because i have used Asus & Gigabyte before and found i get on best with the MSI Customer service and i also find their software nice and simple. People will go on about each supplier but i think its just preference. I think i might go Gigabyte on my next build.

My review/choice on parts: CPU: It seems that this will be the minimum standard cpu i need that will last me the next couple of years and its overclockable.

CPU Cooler: The standard most popular cooler, used it on my previous builds, its cheap (brought the budget down). I will be adding another fan to the rear shortly aswell.

Motherboard: Got offered a deal at my local shop, i was looking at the Gaming 9ACK however he offered me a Gaming 7 for £87 Brand New - how could i refuse :), on top of that this is a great board all around, soo many usb 3.0 ports :D, overclock features are awesome, only problem i found was the case come with 3 pin fans and not 4 pin that the motherboard has but will be swapping the fans out in the next coming months.

Memory: Again like the CPU i see 1866 as the standard speed the memory needs to be for the next couple years, and this was the cheapest and most reliable ones i could find, only problem i found is with my CPU cooler, when i come i to add another 16gb i will need a smaller (in height) memory as the CPU cooler fan goes over the memory holders.

Storage: Nice standard 128gb to have my windows 7 boot from, it boots in 3 seconds its amazing :) with a standard 1tb hard drive for software. For documents im running everything off my server in my other room.

Video Cards: Now im not one for overkill, and i know im going to get you could have got better cards but i do not preach the have to have 1080p 60fps permantly, i honestly would prefer a lower quality for the higher fps. However i was quite suprised to find that i jumped on battlefield 4 to test everything out see how everything was performing and found that on ultra high settings (1080p) it was holding at 50-60fps it did drop at one point to 40fps but i was very delighted with these cards, i mean both of these cards are overclockable and can be crossfired but i havent even done this yet and its running at that standard, so i think these are a great pair of cards and cant wait to over clock them :D.

Case: MY MRS CHOSE THIS CASE - I didnt get a say but i would say it is a good case, could do with a little more room, but assembly was nice, fans are okay so overall not to bad only downfall is the disk drive stopping air flow and the case door for the disk drive not shutting properly but im not too fused.

Optical Drive: I can finally rip my blu ray dvds and trade them in muwhahah (They even changed the law over here to make this perfectly legal) :)

Overall im loving this set up, i can upgrade when i get the money, can overclock it, can crossfire it, so i dont think its too shaby. Its playing my games at 1080p and at 60fps, editing my videos quick and just doing everything i need to do quick. Im not a fussy person who has to have this feature of 1080p 60fps but the computer can handle it and its not even been upgraded/overclocked :)

Will be upgrading the parts/fans soon so will let you know what i do and how it goes. Let me know what you think and i will answer any questions below :)


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i could use for multiple things: ... Video Editing

I like your choices for video editing. An OC'd i7 helps a lot there, even though it won't give you much if any min fps for gaming.

i honestly would prefer a lower quality for the higher fps

A single r9 290 or GTX 970 would get you better quality and higher fps than dual 270x's in most games.

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Did you say full Ultra Battlefield 4 on 2 cards? Tell me what you get minus Anti-Aliasing.

Some people average 100+ FPS with those cards running 2, but my computer runs slower with 2 270s playing BF4.

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I'm trying to find the same thing out. Might be building a similar computer one with the 4790k and I currently have 1 r9 270x in my build wondering if I should just save and wait for the new 300 series or buy a second r9 270x for when I make the build.

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Might want to route the cable a little better, make use of the grommets.