Too long have I been limited by Apple's 2012 Mac mini and since it was my 20th Birthday last week, I decided to treat myself to an expensive desktop that is capable of running most games that I throw at it at Ultra settings 1080p, 60FPS!

I set a budget of £1000 but went every so slightly over it, that happens with everything.

Anyway, the build itself has two minor differences to the list shown - the case is the blue version and the WD HDD is the green one.

In terms of Cable Management, I have done the best I could but someone is bound to point out an improvement. I would say that the front USB 3 cable does not feel very secure and the Cooler does not leave much room for top fans, should I ever want to include some.

I know a lot of you will be laughing my choice of keyboard... well I think it's a fantastic keyboard and great to type on! I use a controller mostly for gaming so it shouldn't affect me much in that department.

Overall I am very happy with this build and for the first time I am able to run games like Dreamfall Chapters, Fallout 3/NV and even GTA V on max settings at 1080p@60FPS!

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  • 60 months ago
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Looks solid and nice temps! You can add some extra fans, maybe on on the bottom and one on the top next to the cooler? Congratulations anyway :D!

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