Hi guys I finally managed to finished my first budget build hopefully this is not the last build I will make. I was inspired to upgrade my rig this year I watched folks in youtube building insane builds as a former hardcore gamer my blood pump up and ready for other challenge...

I bought the rig originally back in 2012 in local computer store and upgraded this year all the parts are new except the cpu and gpu I managed to overclock my fx 6300 to 4.5ghz ( thank god I have a good cpu) the temp in IDLE is 20C in full load can go 40-45C.

Gaming wise well I don't play that much game anymore but when I do I play overwatch fps can go 50-60 in high settings, and 38-55 in ultra setting. Dota 2 is overkill I can get 60-100 fps. Black Desert medium setting 38-48 fps

All in all I'm satisfied with this rig and happy that I build this epic budget build hopefully this build will inspired others as well. In addition this rig will be a Christmas present to my mom I already have plan to build a high end rig by December hopefully I will finished the build and show to you guys... TO BE CONTINUE...!!!

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  • 42 months ago
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Flip your bottom fan over.

  • 37 months ago
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Question: Did the Phantom 240 struggle with the kraken x61?

  • 35 months ago
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no didn't have any problem with it