Hello everyone, today I'm going to be sharing my story on how I only paid $700 AUS dollars for a gaming tower that stomps 1080p. Here is my story

• So basically my old system sold for $1100, It had an I5 4460, GTX 770 2Gb, 8GB ram, an SSD etc etc. I thought to myself, why not sell that and then have a max spending limit of $700 on my next PC. 2 things that benefit from this decision a) $400 profit and b) the $700 system is better then my previous one.....

• So i sold the old system for $1100 in cash, then I went online and paid $472 total for a Intel core i3 6100 SKYLAKE CPU, 8GB DDR4 2133mhz ram, MSI gaming motherboard with USB 3.1, 120GB SSD, Corsair H55 cooler and a fan extension. I then found a GTX 780 (reference model) on a Facebook page PC buy/swap/sell group and managed to get in contact with someone who was selling their GTX 780 and their R9 270 for $240 for both. I thought that is ridiculously good (The R9 270 isn't included in The overall price for the PC). I paid $190 for the GTX 780. I then paid $40 for my mates EVGA 500B power supply, His 250GB hard drive & he had being borrowing my old case I hadn't seen in months so I took that too (obviously for free).

• All together it costed me $702.70 for a system that is better then my previous, and yes the i3 6100 outperforms the I5 4460 in some but most areas.

• The build was okay, the power supply cables are a bit annoying considering it isn't modular, installing the H55 Cooler took me a long time and was quite difficult, and trying to mount the push pull in the back fan location was near impossible, eventually got it. I then stuck in my windows 8.1 key and booted up into Windows and I was ready to start downloading all my games and such. Does everything work? yes.

Now to review all the parts:

Intel core i3 6100 3.7ghz hyper threaded skylake CPU - To be completely honest with you, this CPU is an absolute beast. $155 is a good price point and it definitely performs. It sits at 18 degrees Celsius idle and doesn't even see 45 degrees when under load. It feels faster then my previous i5 4460 which goes to show that skylake is definitely worth the money.

Reference design GTX 780 3GB - So before i start, I'd just like to say this card looks SICK inside a case. I bought it second hand for $190 Australian and its barely been used. Sure its a 700 series graphics card but it sure as hell is still up to standard. It's roughly on par with the GTX 970, the blower cooler surprisingly stays quiet and cool, and keeps the rest of my components nice and cool. It draws somewhere between 200-245 watts under-load but that isn't too bad considering the performance. Overall love the card and is very sexy.

MSI H110M gaming Micro-ATX motherboard LGA 1151 - Not much to say about this motherboard. Easy to work with, affordable, features USB 3.1 (4x USB 3.1 slots on the back) and has some cool red LED lighting behind the motherboard. i would recommend to anyone really.

Corsair H55 AIO liquid cooling solution
- So can I just say that water cooling keeps your CPU EXTREMELY COOL!!!! It sits at around 18 degrees Celsius when idling and when I play games and multi task it never goes past 45. I paid $82 Aus dollars for this thing and it makes your case looks even sexier + its affordable. Bit of a pain to install though.

Kingston valueRAM 8GB 2133mhz - Standard ram. DDR4 is quite fast, will be at 16GB soon.

Corsair Spec-02 mid tower case - I picked this up off my mate after he was finished borrowing it, I bought this back in August 2015 and it was used in my very first PC. It holds up strong, cable management isn't great but hey, its $85 and it works well.

EVGA 500B 80+ certified power supply - Basic power supply, cables are kind of gross but I bought it off a mate for $25 so I cant complain. Only just runs my whole system, I will definitely have to upgrade in the future but for now It is fine.

Kingston 120GB SSD - Only paid $49 for it and the price tag reflects its performance. Its decently fast but not as quick as my Kingston Hyper X SSD I had in my other rig. Its still fast, and its only $49 so it works for me.

Ghetto Hard drives - So I pulled a 250GB Seagate Barracuda HDD from my dads 5 year old home PC. This things pretty old, its loud and ugly, but it does the job for now. The other HDD is a western digital scorpio which i pulled from an old laptop. This is 320GB so all up i have 570Gb of hard drive storage just for now. In the coming weeks I will be purchasing a 480Gb Crucial BX200 480GB SSD to replace these old drives.

  • So overall, for $702 I did very very well. The build is sexy for what i paid and it performs better then my old system i had which i sold for $1100 so not only did I make $400 profit, but I also made a more aesthetically pleasing build which I absolutely love. Next upgrades will be the SSD and the power supply. Thanks for looking!!


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If it works for you that's great, but I gotta ask.

Why would you trade in a true quad core for a dual core i3? On top of that, why would you watercool it?

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Water cooling makes the build look sick, and the i3 6100 actually gets extremely close to the i5 4460 in benchmarks and even in many cases beats it.