My goal with this build was to build something that could replace my old, bulky, and dying Toshiba laptop and hopefully be able to play some lighter games on it. However, I had an issue. I'm 13. So no job, no steady income, nothing. So I set out to create a very budget build. At the time of building, I didn't know of any website like PcPartPicker, so I know I could've gotten a better price. I personally wouldn't recommend this build, as I definetely could have made some better financial decisions, but oh well.

NOTE: This build was originally based off of a $350 budget system I found in a video on Youtube by geekawhat, so it does have quite a bit of resemblance to it.


CSGO: 1080p, Bilinear Texture Filtering, TXAA disabled, Medium/High

Min: 19

Max: 195 (Probably at the end of the round, when you can't move your character)

Average: 61.5

Unturned: 1080p, FXAA disabled, Medium/Off

Min: 46

Max: 78

Average: 59

Gmod: 1080p, Maxed out, 16x Anisotropic Texture Filtering, 8x MSAA

Min: 65

Max: 162

Average: 110.7

NOTE: For some reason, I have noticed that at times my motherboard will randomly underclock the CPU to 1.9 gigahertz, which may be to blame for some of the low minimum framerates.

Another NOTE: I ordered the K65 yesterday, the 26th, and it hasn't arrived yet, so that's why the keyboard in the photos isn't a K65

Sorry about having only a few games benchmarked, I will attempt to do others, and for the terrible cable management. I will be upgrading this build soon, one set of parts at a time, so I may be doing another few completed builds, each one an upgraded version of the last. Until then, I need some suggestions for names. If you have any ideas, post them in the comments thread!

EDIT (12/31/16): Today the K65 arrived, and I will have some pictures of it up by tomorrow.

EDIT (1/17/17) I received my new cooler (TX3) today and installed it, I also managed to OC the CPU from where it would usually max out when turboing (3700 MHz) to 4 GHz, and I put a huge OC on the iGPU, bringing it from a mere 720MHz to a whopping 1026 MHz using AMD Overdrive. However, I have realised that my CPU temps stay the same, even between idle and load temps.


Gmod: 1080p, same settings

MAX: 225

MIN: 123

AVG: 174.3

CSGO: 1080p, same settings

MAX: 145

MIN: 58

AVG: 74.6

EDIT 2: I am making a new completed build, as I have upgraded several of the parts. Thanks to everyone who made recommendations of parts that I should buy!

Part Reviews


This is a good processor for a single specific use case, which would be a small HTPC, which I was not building. I should have gone with an 880K and a dedicated GPU, but this is fine for now.


A decently priced mobo, lots of SATA ports for my purposes, and a surprising maximum memory amount. My only issue (a big one, too) is that it randomly underclocks my CPU. Otherwise, I probably would've given it a 4 or 5.


RAM is RAM, and this is no exception. It's not the fastest or newest, but it works.


Looking back, I probably shouldn't have purchased this case at that price. It really doesn't have that many amenities, and it looks gaudy and bulky.

Power Supply

Well, it's a power supply. It doesn't blow up, and it gives my internals power. However, it isn't very power efficient and the cables are ugly.

Optical Drive

I haven't had any issues with this thus far, however, I have only used it once in the five months between making this list and actually building it.

Wireless Network Adapter

It works, and that's all I need it to do. It isn't AC though, so I did knock off one star.

I actually got this from my brother, because his new GPU wouldn't fit with this in his PC, so he gave it to me, and I gave him my USB that I had been using.


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replace the stock cooler first, as that should help your underclocking issues and your frame rate. the cpu is likely thermal throttling because the stock cooler isnt that great.

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My only issue (a big one, too) is that it randomly underclocks my CPU.


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Like cilvre said, replace stock cooler. Hyper 212 EVO is a great air cooler under $40, though having no job does hamper your choices (I understand the struggle, lol). I know the cables on the 500B can be hard to work with, but cable management could be a tad better (though to be honest, for a first build, it's great). The blog builds shown on this website have a cable management time lapse where Barry makes them well organized. Watch a bunch of those videos and you'll start to see what exactly to do. For a first build at this budget, this is very good! I wish I was building PCs at your age. Get a good, cheap GPU when you can afford one, and this would be a sick PC for the gaming you do on it.

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Thanks, I was looking into the 212 evo, and then maybe a 460 or whatever equivalent vega will have.

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I just recently got the 212 EVO, and it runs really well, as long as you put it on silent mode under your motherboard's BIOS. I've also heard that Cryorig has a great air cooler as well, so that could also be an option. Only concern with these heatsinks is that they're tall and bulky, so just make sure your case is big enough to be able to fit it.

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Nice one reminds me of one of my first builds back when I was a teenager Strapped for cash, as others have said your next upgrade should be a custom cooler to stop Thermal throttling. If you want alternatives to the 212 CRYORIG make some decent coolers at the low end the H7 (which I currently run on a 4770k) and for the price it keeps it very cool for low profile they have the C7 to. Whichever you choose to go for you will see big improvements over stock.

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We share the same struggle mate. Having some trouble with income but i build my pc eventually and already do some mods.

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The motherboard and slap on a cryorig cooler and you'd be a happy little gamer!

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Yeah, I have 30 bucks for a cooler, looking at the H7. I was also thinking about getting an RX 470, and getting a 4 core SKU of AMD's upcoming Ryzen product line, or whatever budget friendly option Intel will come up with, along with a new mobo.

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Good job, buddy! I like your mouse pick! Luckilyyou haven't got a faulty one! Hahah

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If at all possible, move the computer to the floor. You should have more desk space for the mouse, IMO.