This is my 4th PC build from scratch. I wanted something less cumbersome, something that uses less desk space, and something easier to move and maintain.

Historically, I’m used to mid-towers and full ATX motherboards. I’ve used SLI and made a couple of full custom loops. I enjoyed every build, but as I got more confident and attempted new and exciting things I found everything to be far more... inconvenient. I’ve picked up a lot of experience, tricks and tips along my winding route of success (and sometimes failure) building PC’s and I wanted to use this experience to build something specifically for me. This is not some overly-impressive, overachieving complex build to show off. It’s a bit of a plain Jane, but that’s what I was aiming for.

I feel like this new build is back to basics; ease-of-use, accessible, simplified, but still refined and powerful.

I’ve paid a lot of attention to detail, dimensions, and ‘trimming the fat’. For instance, I’m now using 2x M.2 storage devices, because it uses 4 less cables and takes up far less space. By using an SFX PSU I’m limiting the dimensions and weight. Typically I would use Extension cables, in this build, full custom modulars. The GPU was specifically selected because of the power connection location on the side rather than the front - it helped to not put unnecessary pressure on the glass panel. Any unused drive bay or cable - removed. Streamlined.

Troubles I had (or potential troubles you may have with same/similar hardware):

The RAM clearance from the CPU cooler fan is virtually a fraction of a millimetre.

The GPU, while it fits nicely, was a bit of a pig to fit inside the case due to the tight dimensions.

I was unable to add one screw to the fan on the base of the case as one of the feet of the case inexplicably covers one of the corners.

I couldn’t use Noctuas anti-vibration mounts on the top fans due to the hole profile not being very ‘typical’ and neither the bottom fans due to hand access.

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She purdy.

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love this