This was on ongoing project that started all the way back in 2013(!) that eventually evolved to what I have today. Primarily a gaming box, I also use it for the occasional FL Studio project. This build was split into two basic phases, the first phase being completed in Feb of 2014, and involved simply replacing the motherboard, processor and memory and graphics card and power supply in an old Cooler Master Centurion 5 case I had for a very long time (which was home to numerous builds I've done over the years). The second phase was completed late last year, adding a CPU cooler, SSD and a smaller case. This is also the point in which I started overclocking the CPU, but more on that later.

Personal life issues prevented me from posting this earlier, but considering how much time I spent on this site planning this out, I had to post it when I could, it would've been the chivalrous thing to do. On to the part list!

Phase 1: Completed February 2014

CPU: I had a budget to work within, and I felt the FX 6300 fit the bill quite nicely. I started out having it clocked at 3.8 ghz in the old build with stock cooling and once I got the Hyper 212 Evo, I pushed it up to 4.3ghz where under intense pressure from P95 and the IBT it holds on like a champ.

Motherboard: It's sad that if your building a M-ATX AMD FX build, you don't get a top of the line motherboard to play with. So this had to do, and quite frankly, I'm shocked at the performance of this little board [This forum was a great help in helping overclocking][]. And lucky me, I got the rev 5 version.

Memory: An upgrade from a Kingston 4GB kit, haven't had any problems with it.

Video Card: First tip: Don't buy video cards from Best Buy Second tip: Don't buy video cards from Best Buy. I was really impatient when it came time to get the video card, since it was the last thing I had to get for phase one. So I went to Best Buy and bought it to upgrade a hd6670 (also keep in mind that this was right before the whole Bit-Coin mining craze). It's a helluva upgrade and I even OCed it to 1150ghz, up from 1050ghz stock once I got it into my new case in Phase 2.

Power Supply: Also got it from Best Buy and at a fair price to boot, no problems out it.

Storage: A 1tb HD I had before I started building this in earnest. Works good.

Phase 2: Completed November 2014 Case: I had a really hard time trying to decide on a case. This was actually the part that took me the longest to actually choose. The only thing I really knew was I wanted a smaller case than what I had. Eventually though, I decided on this case because it's classy but understated and having both filters easy to get to made cleaning it all the more easier. But it is not the best case for first time system builders and if I have to change the HDD or the SSD, it pretty much means tearing the whole thing down just to do so.

CPU Cooler: One of the best budget coolers one can get that still performs well, even on an overclocked Vishera.

SSD: The sole purpose of this drive is to be my boot drive and hold my main programs, drastically reduced boot times and I don't even have to wait for Windows to load before I start surfing the internet.

Future things: I may at some point consider jumping up to 8370e processor and upgrading the graphics card to r9 280x. Or I might just go and build a "Blue Edition" of Project Evolute with Intel and Nvidia components...but for now this is nice little system.

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  • 60 months ago
  • 2 points

Really good machine. 4300Mhz? What was your benchmark software you used?

With your "nice little system" you can play whatever you want with this pc. Great job. A suffering work who cost time and sweat but you must be proud! Congratulations!

  • 59 months ago
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Thanks, and I used 3d Mark for the benchmarks.