Some background: I have a primary gaming PC where I play online games and the like. Its also used by myself and my wife for more "professional" applications, meaning I have it paired with 3 monitors and my wife likes the extra screen space for working from home. But its setup on a desk with a desk chair and I was craving some good ol' couch games about a year back. Playing Assassin's creed odyssey in my office chair just didn't feel right. So I tried SteamLink in home streaming, and 90% of the time it was fine, but every now and again, something would hang and I'd have to go back upstairs to correct the issue. So I mentioned this to my wife and her response was "you aren't building another computer." In her defense, my main PC aka DEEPTHOUGHT was in a full size ATX tower and she just didn't want a similar eyesore in our living room. Enter - GHOST.

Build Constraints:
-I needed a PC my wife wouldn't notice and my TV stand had a small cabinet in it that was empty -I had an old i5-6600K, a hyper 212 evo,some ram plus an SSD and a PSU -My personal preference is to use a full ATX board because I like the expand-ability

So after searching the internet trying to find a case with the appropriately positioned air flow (I needed intake and exhaust to both be at the back of the cabinet) that would fit in my space I determined I needed to build my own custom case. I had some experience building with 80/20 and with my limited machining tools available knew I could make it work. Mountainmods ( had a bare mobo tray and I picked it up from Amazon and the build began. The final piece of the puzzle was a way to secure the PSU which meant I needed a custom bracket, I wanted it to fit in the tight space and look nice so I wanted to 3D print it. Took me a year to grab a 3D printer, but last week I finally got to print the parts I designed a year ago.

See images for final results - the hardware performs as expected and the cooling is surprisingly good! I am even able to apply a slight overclock to my CPU (~4 Ghz)

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Haha, I know the feeling of trying to sneak parts past the wife. Nice build too.

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