I use this machine predominately for gaming. The GTX 770 is more than enough and MSI's Twin Frozr fans keep it cool, even on the highest settings in recent games. The SSD and the processor make it so that everything is fluid fast and the GPU is not bottlenecked.

I had problems with just 3 things. Namely, I had trouble mounting the CPU cooler to the CPU because the screws refused to line up properly, but I eventually got it retained on there. I had trouble plugging in some of the smaller wires like the power switch, etc., but I eventually got that all taken care of, too, minus the LED for the power switch and HDD. Lastly, I just had general issues since this is my first build. There were just lots of settings that I hadn't ever taken into consideration, like AHCI and such.

Everything else and everything in general worked exactly as planned, however, or maybe better.

Note: I didn't realize the motherboard came with ethernet and wireless cards built in. I guess one of my friends will receive these.


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