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Mr. Freeze (my first build)

by sonbynano



Date Published

Aug. 11, 2017

Date Built

Aug. 9, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3.6 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

33.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

62.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.506 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8.008 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

30.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

72.0° C


After a lot of reading, researching, and interest, I decided to build my first PC. Thanks to youtubers, this website, and reading a lot of people's reviews, I picked my parts and started on this great journey. At the moment all components are stocked. I haven't tried OC just because I am still new to it and want to learn more.

Overall, I love the outcome. This is fun, and I recommend all the products I got. I'm sure there are better ones out there for better prices, but for the prices and the theme I had in mind, I liked it. This can be a scary new hobby.

Part Reviews


Not much to say here, great cpu, great for multi tasking, and I bought it because there was a discount on Amazon for it. Easy to install and I really like the stock cooler, plus they say it's a great cooler even when you OC the CPU. Will update once I start OC.

Update- Was able to OC to 3.6 GHz at stock voltage. Couldn't handle 3.7 at stock volts, at the moment I left at 3.6 just to keep temps cool.


Great motherboard, great price, little reviews but all were positive. Haven't messed with OC, I can't say much about the BIOS, but from what I've heard and read, and personally seen, it's pretty straight forward. Also it's a nice looking mobo, especially for theme I wanted.

Update- upgraded to bios 3.0 was able to get ram up to 2933, no problems.


Bought this kit because of great reviews and a decent price compared to others. With Ryzen the motherboard wont read the memory at what it should run at, mine is at 2133mhz even with the most current BIOS. Will update if I can OC and get it to 3000 or higher.

Update- Upgraded bios 3.0 and was able to ram speed to 2933mhz with no issues.


Like the memory, great reviews and great price compared to others.


Like the memory, great reviews and great price compared to others.

Video Card

Great GPU, great reviews. Was actually in stock at an okay price compared to others in that GTX 1060 6GB range. Got it at that price because of Amazon gift cards. Nice RGB options. I am still new to PC gaming and streaming so I have not put it to its limits to see how it performs. Will updated once I have had some time with it.


Was originally going to purchase the NZXT S340 case, seemed like it's the case to go for, especially for first time builders. I was about to buy until I took one more look and read people's recommendations for Mid Towers, and the P400 came up a lot. Went on Newegg, found the white P400S. It had a mail in rebate, tempered glass, RGB lighting in the case, plus a RBG strip, it had great reviews, dust filters, sound proof panels, and it looked sexy. I love this case.

Power Supply

Great power supply, great reviews. Wanted to go with something extra just in case I do upgrades (looking at may be getting RX Vega) and just wanted something reliable. Plus it had a mail in rebate discount.

Operating System

Nothing much to say here.

Case Fan

Just wanted some White LED fans to go with the case for the color scheme, plus wanted extra cooling in my case. They look great for what I wanted. But due to the 4 fans (including the 2 case fans) I think the PC is a little loud, even with case having sound proof panels.


Beautiful monitor, had to buy it due to awesome discount at my local Fry's store with their in-store promotions. Movies looked awesome, some games look stunning and immersive. Some games will be stretched out, if that bothers you, might not be the monitor for you. I love this monitor.

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AbsolutPstchio 1 point 20 months ago

I was start by saying sexy build, I absolutely love the way it looks. Second I wanted to say: this case is suppose to have sound proof panels? I have this same case and my machine sounds like a jet engine. I get annoyed because whenever I stream you can always hear it.

sonbynano submitter 1 Build 1 point 20 months ago

Thank you. Yeah, I believe I read that the "s" in the p400s stands for silent. I am sure the sound proof comes more on the case with no tempered glass, but this one is a P400s. In the description it says the side and top covers are sound damping panels, I guess I can only imagine how noisy it would be without that bit of help haha

DanTheIntelligentMan 1 point 12 months ago

Can the mobo run ram at 3200mhz bc it says it can, but you ( and every other review ive seen ) seem to only get it to 2933 :00000000000000

sonbynano submitter 1 Build 1 point 10 months ago

I am very sorry for the extremely late response. It's possible to go higher, but I think most have just tried to get to as close as the memory speed as possible, Most ryzen mobos tend to be difficult to OC the memory, but now it's probably possible to increase the speed. Personaly I am happy where it's at so I haven't even tried.
Hopefully this help some.

DanTheIntelligentMan 1 point 10 months ago

nah all good no one checks pc part picker for messages anyway lmao. but yeah i dont see many people pushing the ram to 3200, too much hassle i guess

NoahOnABudget 1 point 1 month ago

With the GPU, can you see that its orange or does the light cover up the orange? It's triggering me now and I have to ask to relieve my OCD.

sonbynano submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 days ago

You can't tell that it's orange at all. At least not from what I can tell.