So there is a school project in my school, the description is 'Do whatever you want, but just do it good.' So here I am after asking tons of people and researching, a great computer system, I'll use this build mainly for gaming and some school work.

I am still fixing the wiring so DON'T FREAK OUT by the super messy wiring!!!

CPU: I don't really do video editing, so an i5 will be good enough for me

Cooler: So here's the problem, after getting the motherboard in, the top does not have enough space for me to put the radiator + fans in, so I just set them aside, but that won't do me any good for the project, any idea how to fix? and I've did some research before and people said it would fit, so I trusted them and oops, it didn't fit

Motherboard: This is where my OCD kicks in, it's just... way too beautiful haha, so here I am with it

RAM: Another part with my OCD, I just can't stand the empty 2 slot on the MB, and it was on sale for like $52, so why not buy 2 more?

SSD: Need storage for OS, that's basically it, and I love how the Samsung SSD looks, and I heard that it is one of the fastest ones out there, so yea

HDD: had a combo with it, and I'm pretty sure 2gb will be enough for me

Graphics Card: Beautiful card, comes with 3 games that I play, why not? Didn't choose the 780ti because 200 more and nothing much if on a 1080p screen, not 770 because I'm scared it might not run Crysis 3 on 60 fps

Power Supply: On sale for $50

Windows 7: Hate how w8 looks, and too use to w7 anyway

I named this Unicorn because the case is Gundam Unicorn themed and my parts fits the color scheme, so yea

My only problem is the CPU cooler, and ideas to help? Thank you very much if you do and even if you don't thank you for reading anyway!

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Really nice build. I think that it's a little overboard on the specs for gaming but on that same note you won't have to upgrade anything for a very long time. I learned after I had bought 16GB RAM that gaming really only needs 8GB but I keep convincing myself 16GB will be good to have for the future. I don't know what you mean in your description when you say your only problem is your CPU cooler because that is an awesome cooler. You really should be overclocking your CPU to about 4.2 or 4.4 since you have it with that cooler. I would love to see some pics of your finished cable management as well :D

All and all for the money you paid it's a great build.

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  • 75 months ago
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