Computer was born as an HP HPE-500f with a 1045T Phenom, 8GB DDR3 ram and a junk video card.

Customer plays mostly WoW, Diablo III type of games. But he does a lot of Raids in WoW which is pretty CPU intensive.

Since the CPU was a solid performer, we kept that, the ram, the dvd drive, and HDD. The customer was given a 7950 card which prompted his need for a new power supply which turned into a few new parts.

Case: $30 with rebate. This is my second time building with this case which made it easier. It's really not a bad case for $30. Comes with 3 fans and I added 2 more. Since there is no window, I did not stuff all the cables behind the motherboard but still left room for airflow.

CPU cooler: was looking for a decent and quiet 3 pin cooler. This looks very nice and keeps the 1045t under 40C under load. I actually think it stays at 30C. And it's quiet.

Video card: was a gift and a nice one at that :)

PS: Looking for best bang for the buck and this fit the bill. I find it funny that this is the second time in a row that I used every cable on a modular PS. I suppose it's still neater and the price is the same these days anyway.

Case fans: to add intake and some blue. I searched by airflow and noise.

SSD: This scored a 7.8 in WEI. That's better that my 840 EVO. Tom's rates this very well too. I would buy again unless the EVO 850 was on sale.

I wish I had taken a before photo. The CPU is much more deserving of its new home vs languishing in the beastly HP body.

No overclocking at all.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Solid buy if you need a 3 pin cooler. Easy to install and works very well. Looks nice too.


Would buy again. 7.8 WEI which is higher than my EVO 840.


Good case for $30 (with rebate). 3 fans, UBS 3, fan controller. Cheap metal etc is expected at this price point. Not much room for cable behind the mobo but you can make it work. I also have the window version that I also got for $30 which was a better deal.

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  • 62 months ago
  • 2 points

I love seeing these old Phenom builds. For an older processor, they still kick some major ***! That 7950 is going to suite all his needs it seems, I'm kind of jealous xD. +1

  • 62 months ago
  • 1 point

I remember wanting this CPU as an upgrade to my quad 6600. It's a great processor and not worth the upgrade for a new one plus a new mobo. I'd say its between the 6300 and 8320 in performance, just older technology.

  • 62 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah that's about spot on. He's not going to need the latest and shiniest it seems, so why not reuse what you have?

  • 62 months ago
  • 2 points

You should add more parts in the list, missing some it seems.

great little build

  • 62 months ago
  • 1 point

Was an upgrade to a HP. CPU is the 1045T Phenom and the HP mobo as well as the dvd drive.