I had been searching for a new build for a long time and I decided I would put one together around Black Friday. NewEgg started their deals on Wednesday this year, so I went ahead and found everything here on PC Part Picker and got it. After rebates, the total was only $530!

I got everything in about a week and put it together. It runs flawlessly, and I cannot complain at all. I will probably get an EVO 212 in the near future for higher clock speeds.

As of now, I can run Crysis and Metro 2033 on max settings at over 50 FPS. However, I am only running at 1360 X 768 :(. I couldn't justify spending another $130 on a monitor when I already have a tv that works fine.

I recommend everything I have. I LOVE the Zalman Z9 Plus. Tons of fans, not too flashy, and it is solid quality.

Overall, I couldn't be more happy.

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cable management

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Woah 4.0Ghz WITHOUT an aftermarket cooler? Man, that takes balls to attempt. Though you might be able to get 4.3 or so with that EVO