I built this pc mainly for playing games and browsing the internet. It runs my games very well with well over 60fps on every title I have tested (apart from frame locked games where it just hits 60fps for example and stays there). I got this pc as a birthday/christmas present and i am very happy with it. This was my first ever build so some of the problems I note will probably seem stupid to a lot of people but hey got there in the end :)

PROBLEMS: 1. My first problem with this build is that only 1 stick of my RAM was detected by the motherboard. This was solved be me realizing that im an idiot and hadn't put the second stick in properly and that the first stick was attached poorly as well. After reinserting both sticks the RAM works fine at the full 16GB.

  1. My second problem was that up until yesterday my computer was running into memory_management and IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL problems. I have since updated all my drivers and downloaded the latest bios update from asrock ( as my motherboard was using version 1.00 out of the box, I also ran windows memory diagnostics which told me that my memory was fine. After doing all these things my computer has been working perfectly fine so fingers crossed that those problems are fixed. This has also solved a problem where my computer would sort of "stall" when i switched it on.

  2. I mounted the cooler master 212 evo heat sink the wrong way on the first try(big noob). To fix this I used 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes to wipe the thermal paste (included with cooler) off the cpu and heat sink, gave it an hour to try and mounted it the correct way. I don't know how much this will effect my cpu temps but with this tab and skype open my temps are core1: 22°C core2: 22°C core3: 20°C core4: 20°C (using core temp) and my graphics card temperature is 31°C (using msi kombustor 2.5).

WARNINGS:1. I ordered my windows 7 from amazon and i have received an invalid code, windows still works fine but i get prompts regularly telling me that the code i entered was invalid. Considering that it cost £70 and the purchase was fulfilled by amazon I expected better.

  1. Most people know this im guessing but ill put it out there just in case, the asrock z170 extreme4+ comes with bios 1.00 installed, this is the oldest available version so if you run into problems this could be the cause, updating it to the latest version takes only around 10 minutes so it's not a massive problem.

Overall im really happy with how this turned out. Thanks for reading :D

Part Reviews


Great performance unoverclocked, coming from an amd a8 @1.4GHz this is a massive upgrade and it works great.


Boots windows quickly (under 20 seconds) and was relatively cheap when i bought it. No complaints 5/5


Great drive 5/5. (931GB are available for storage on win7)

Video Card

Absolutely brilliant. Demolishes everything I throw at it in 1080p, fans not spinning up under light loads is a nice touch but even when they are spinning they are not loud.

Optical Drive

Used it to install windows 7 and drivers, works fine and is very cheap. recommended

Operating System

Excellent OS, had to enable ps2 simulator in bios to make usb devices work on install, they work fine after that. STAY AWAY from the amazon copies as I was sent an invalid code as well as many others, it still works fine but I often get prompts telling me it's not genuine. The purchase was fulfilled by amazon.


144Hz is definitely worth the price, very smooth. The default color profile is not as bad as it is made out to be but i definitely recommend calibrating it to get better color.


Great keyboard


I absolutely love this mouse, works amazingly. (remember to download logitech gaming software)


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+1 looks great!

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Thanks man :)

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Of course :)