This is wife's first build, very proud of her.

This rig is our 'everything' rig, in fact, it's the first system in the home that we've 'recently' moved into. It will be used for: - Media storage / streaming - Some Photoshop & video editing - Some gaming - Hyper-V for testing out software & OS'es - System will most likely be ran 24/7 as it'll be serving files as well as Remote Desktop when we're out of home but want to check on things (say, finance program, etc.)

Some reasoning behind the parts: CPU: Was deciding between 4770K, 4770, and 4770s, the 'k' despite being unlocked and a real performer, we weren't planning to overclock, plus it's missing some virtualization technologies that we'll need for Hyper-V. Between the 4770 vs the 4770s, the price was the same (the 's' was more expensive at some places), but power consumption difference was huge while the performance difference was not proportional.

RAM: We know we needed 16GB due to running VM's. The 1866 RAM was on sale and cheaper than the 1600, etc.

SSD: Was deciding between OCZ Vector vs Samsung 840 Pro -- went with Samsung due to a slight discount

Video card: Went for 'best bang for buck' for an NVidia (between the 760 vs the 770). Why NVidia? Needed the Cuda cores for MPE hardware acceleration in Premiere. If it weren't for video editing considerations, would have went with AMD as they have the gaming package going. Went with the MSI for good cooling without sounding like an F14.

Case: Liked the looks, but also the built-in 'hidden' SATA dock and great cable management options.

PSU: We'll be adding more HDD's down the road, need something that's efficient as we'll be running this 24/7

Edit: added pix on July 28


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