So this is my first modern PC build. I've been junk pile Frankenstein machines since IDE cables where standard; but this is the first time I've bought 100% of the parts new. (New as in not used, not the newest tech). The name, Luinë is the Quenya (Tolkien's Elvish) word for blue.

All in all things seem to be running Ubuntu 16.04 well enough. My choice of OS is why Radeon graphics currently weren't an option. I don't play "new" games often, but everything handles Portal 2 at 1080p everything maxed out without any lag so that's good enough for me.

Will add more to this later, excited to have it up and running.

Part Reviews


Worked out of the box, no issues that I know of.


Heard mixed things about this board. Haven't tried to overclock yet, but so far has worked great. UEFI on it is so simple and easy to work too.


Great case, absolutely fantastic. Only issue I've had is one of the two front USB ports doesn't work. I have yet to diagnose this.

Case Fan

Wonderful Airflow, tad noisy at full RPM.

Fan Controller

Works wonderfully, looks great. I only wish it would let me power down fans below 40% as I don't need them all on when I'm not running a bunch of things. The end result is 40% still runs noisy.


Amazing quality. Best image I could find for a screen of it's size.

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Nice laundry!

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Awesome gaming machine! :P

  • 42 months ago
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have you fixed your issue with the usb?

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What cable/cables did the monitor come with?

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